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Konica Minolta Dubai

Konica Minolta Dubai is the local branch of a worldwide known company primarily catering to the printing needs of private as well as business users, in a wide range of sectors. Apart from printing solutions, the company is also specialized in state of the art healthcare imaging systems and high quality optical products.

They provide different printing solutions, for at home or office use, as well as for the mass printing industry. Their offer includes a variety of laser printers, desktop or microfilm scanners, copiers, multifunctional peripherals, color and monochrome production print systems, multi jet, cube, LED or 3D printers, industrial inkjet printers that can be used on a wide array of substrates, wide format printers and inkjet

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Paper distributors in Dubai

Paper distributors in Dubai provide all types of paper products needed in an office, including white and colored sheets for inkjet printers, laser printers or for copiers, folders and envelopes, among many others. The products can be purchased in smaller, as well as larger quantities, depending on the needs of each client, and can be delivered on demand or at regular periods of time. 

Finding a reliable supplier that delivers the products of the expected quality and on time is vital for any

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Print information and guide in Dubai

There are many types of printing processes available in the industry nowadays that offer the possibility to mass produce different kinds of prints for a wide array of applications, in the shortest period of time, while maintaining the quality of each print, from the first to the last one.

The processes that will be detailed in this print information and guide are the ones that are mostly used in the sector, more exactly offset lithography, letterpress, digital printing, engraving and

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Paper Distributors Dubai

There are a many types of paper products, designed for a variety of purposes, available on the market nowadays. In a way or another, paper products are used in every industry, at least in offices, if not also in different production or packaging processes, and with a growing population and an expansion in a lot of business sectors, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE see an increased demand for this type of products. 

Many paper distributors have found their place on the market, in order

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Packaging News and Information Dubai

The UAE has one of the fastest growing economies in the Middle East and, together with other countries in the region, has one of the most rapidly growing markets in the world in the printing and packaging sectors. Dubai, with its impressive development in the last years, is considered an important export hub for these industries in the entire GCC region. More and more foreign investors are attracted by the low taxes imposed by the government in order to sustain the booming economy in the

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Points of sale equipment in Dubai

Point of sale equipment suppliers in Dubai provide computerized solutions for payment processing, order tracking and inventory management for companies operating in the retail and hospitality industries in the UAE.

The wide range of products offered include complete point of sale systems, point of sale terminals, desktop, mobile or kiosk receipt printers, touch screens of different sizes, cash register systems, manual, USB and serial cash drawers, corded, cordless, mobile computer and

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