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Konica Minolta Dubai

Konica Minolta Dubai is the local branch of a worldwide known company primarily catering to the printing needs of private as well as business users, in a wide range of sectors. Apart from printing solutions, the company is also specialized in state of the art healthcare imaging systems and high quality optical products.

They provide different printing solutions, for at home or office use, as well as for the mass printing industry. Their offer includes a variety of laser printers, desktop or microfilm scanners, copiers, multifunctional peripherals, color and monochrome production print systems, multi jet, cube, LED or 3D printers, industrial inkjet printers that can be used on a wide array of substrates, wide format printers and inkjet textile printers, among many others.

Different color, light and display measurement instruments are provided too, from bench top or portable spectrophotometers, chroma, color and gloss meters, color readers, chlorophyll meters, luminance meters, spectroradiometers and display color analyzers, to color matching and management systems, graphic arts systems and the software needed to operate the instruments.

Optical products, such as optical systems for digital cinemas, high brightness or other types of projectors, testing and measurement equipment, exposure equipment as well as for other industrial applications, compact and lightweight interchangeable lenses for different types of cameras, retractable, fixed focal length or refractor optics lens with image stabilization function for various cameras and high precision optical disks for the production of CD and DVD players or for laser printers can also be purchased.

The company also caters to the imaging needs of the healthcare industry, offering computed and digital radiography systems, mammography systems, ultrasound systems, laser imagers, X-ray processors and peripheral equipment, control stations and consoles, picture archiving and communication systems, as well as analogue or dry medical films and film screens. With their new Blue Moon Lifecycle Solutions, Konica Minolta extends their commitment to help their clients achieve economic value, clinical confidence and simplified operations. They believe that customer support does not only imply repairing services for the products, but also helping the users get the most out of their solutions throughout the lifecycle of the products.


Konica Minolta Dubai, which is the regional head office for the UAE and also for the entire Middle East, provides the best solutions, services and technical support for their products to businesses operating in a wide range of sectors in the region. The company has won a global distinction for corporate sustainability in 2015, leading the sector for environmental and economic dimensions, including innovation management. It has earned the highest evaluation in the computer peripherals and office electronics sector, not only due to the innovations provided in the industry, but also due to the environmental policies and initiatives on climate change strategies applied by the company.