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Large format printers in Dubai

Since many industries experience a rapid growth in the UAE nowadays, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the large format printing industry, which is closely related to many other sectors, is also expanding, catering to the increased demand of printing solutions for signage and construction and architecture related documents of larger sizes, among many other prints of greater dimensions needed in a wide range of sectors. 

The most important segments of this industry, that see the highest demand in the Middle East, are technical printing, including solutions for architectural, GIS, engineering and other construction related documents, production printing which provides options for posters, different types of indoor and outdoor signs

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Larger format printers in Dubai

The printing industry is a vast sector that implies solutions for a variety of products. For the products that can not fit in a regular sized printer, there are larger format printers, which come in different widths, to suit any type of project. There is an increased demand of large format signs and displays on the UAE market, and it continues to grow in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, due to the expansion of the transportation, retail, building and hospitality sectors in the region. Larger prints of

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Printing Plates Dubai

Screen printing is a method which is sometimes preferred for specific applications where digital printing might not offer the same results. This technique is mostly used for applying artworks or logos on a wide range of products made of different materials, such as mugs, plastic cups and bottles, textiles, notebooks, pens and other promotional items. 

Printing equipment and supplies providers in Dubai offer all the equipment and accessories needed for the process, including presses, screens

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Plastic card manufacturers in Dubai

Plastic Card Manufacturers Dubai provide different types of plastic card solutions for a wide range of industries in the UAE, mostly for the retail industry, including gift cards, loyalty cards and promotional cards, for the telecom industry, including products such as prepaid phone cards and sim cards and for the banking or other corporate industries, including prepaid cards, banking debit or credit cards secured with magnetic stripe and chip, membership cards as well as identity cards.


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Printing plates in Dubai

Offset printing is a technique of mass production prints that implies the transfer of different images from metal plates to rubber rollers and then to the print media, which is usually paper, but sometimes also canvas or other materials. This method is considered to be one of the most cost effective and fast turnaround types of printing for large quantities and mass production in the publishing, media and packaging industries. The high speed and high volume production makes this type of

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Plastic card manufacturers Dubai

Plastic cards are used by more and more people nowadays, for a variety of purposes, such as identification cards, drivers licenses, credit or debit cards, gift cards, telephone, casino or hotel key cards and for memberships in different organizations or to collect loyalty points in shops, among many others.

Plastic card manufacturers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah provide a wide range of plastic cards, from the most basic ones to the most advanced and secure ones, for a variety of purposes

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Scrap Merchants Dubai

Recycling and reusing different plastic, glass or paper products is very popular nowadays, and although not as widely known as for other materials, scrap metal recycling is an important sector in the industry and many companies specialized in this sector have emerged on the market in the last years. 

Scrap merchants in Dubai offer competitive prices for different types of metals, including copper, steel, aluminum, brass and iron. Although they usually work with people from different trades

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Printing equipment and materials Dubai

The Gulf Print and Pack exhibition, which is one of the most popular ones in the Middle East region, was held this year at the Dubai World Trade Center and there were presented the latest trends and technologies in printing equipment and materials. The 3D printing, virtual design and scanning solutions, used in a variety of applications, seemed to be one of the major trends in the industry, the visitors also showing great interest in these technologies. For the moment, this type of printing is

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Scrap Merchants in Dubai

Scrapping is the process of collecting recyclable materials, especially metals, but also some kinds of non metallic materials left over from the production or consumption of different products, like parts and components from cars or other vehicles or construction supplies. There are specialized firms in the industry that address their services to both private as well as business sectors, advertising their solutions for removing scrap metal or other materials that can be recycled in a convenient

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Printing equipment and materials in Dubai

Considering the development of the free market, the liberal trade policies that exclude any corporate or personal taxes and the development of the infrastructure that provides an easy access to different markets in the Middle East, Dubai has attracted many investors, in a variety of sectors, in the last few years.

Printed materials are used in a way or another by any type of business, from any industry, so together with the expansion of other sectors, there is also an increased demand for

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Printing screen equipment Dubai

Screen printing, although used in many other applications, is the most preferred method for applying artwork to different products made of fabric, such as clothes, canvas shoes and bags, among others. The process implies separating the layers for each color from the artwork and transforming them into stencils that are used one by one for applying the inks to the fabric. The colors obtained through this method are vibrant even on darker materials, this being the reason why it is one of the best

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