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Packaging Manufacturers in Dubai

More and more international brands from a variety of sectors are increasingly drawn by the low tax incentives to invest in the Middle East nowadays, sustaining the national initiatives of the GCC countries to promote economic growth and develop the infrastructure. Reports have shown that the retail and pre-packed food industries, together with the construction and hospitality industries, are the ones that expanded mostly in the region in the last few years. Since the packaging industry is closely related with almost all of the other, especially with the retail and food and beverages industries, a lot of investors consider it a very profitable sector.

Packaging manufacturers in Dubai offer a variety of packaging solutions for different

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Packaging Materials in Dubai

The latest reports show that the packaging industry in Dubai, which kept on growing in the last few years, will continue to expand in the future, especially in the food packaging sector. The continuously growing population of the city, generated by the expansion of different industries in the region, implies an increased demand of food and beverages and consequently, a greater need for food packaging. A great number of manufacturers have found their place in the Middle East market, catering to

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Paper Manufacturers in Dubai

Paper is used universally nowadays for a variety of purposes, such as writing, printing, packaging, cleaning and in a number of industrial and construction processes. Since paper products are used in every home, school or business in any sector, there is a great demand for such products. Considering the fact that all industries are currently expanding in the UAE, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there is an even higher demand of paper products.

Paper manufacturers in Dubai use the latest

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Packaging Materials in Dubai

Packaging plays an important role in any manufacturing business in many different sectors. Together with the expansion of the manufacturing industry in the Middle East, a lot of high quality packaging solutions appeared of the market.

Packaging manufacturers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah provide a wide range of packaging materials solutions for companies in the region, from affordable and efficient ones for products targeting the mass retail market, to more expensive ones for high end

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Paper Products Dubai and UAE

There are a wide range of paper products available on the market nowadays, the ones mostly used in all offices being paper sheets for writing, copying on printing on laser or inkjet printers. The most important aspects that should be taken into consideration when deciding which are the most suitable products of this type for your business are the purposes you are going to use them for, as well as the colour, weight and finish of the sheets.

While mostly white, together with ivory or other

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Paper Converters Dubai

If you are not familiar with the pulp and paper industry, you might not know what paper converting actually refers to. It is an important part of the process of transforming raw paper created at paper mills into rolls of appropriate sizes that are afterwards transformed into  different finished paper products, such as stationery, including, paper sheets of various sizes, thicknesses, colors and finishes, envelopes, notebooks and labels, among others, books, magazines, photographic paper, boxes

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Paper Products in Dubai

Paper products are used by anyone on a daily basis, from little children to professionals from all sectors, at home, in any type of institutions and in every business. Paper is a versatile material that depending on its texture, thickness, rigidity, density, opacity, porosity, absorption power and color can be used in many different industries, such as stationery, printing, publishing, packaging and construction, for different purposes and in the production of a wide range of products.


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Paper Converters in Dubai

Paper converters can create a variety of end products, used for a wide range of purposes, from a simple roll of plain paper, crepe paper or vulcanized fiber. The most common paper converting processes available on the market are roll slitting, sheeting, flexographic printing, coating and laminating. Roll slitting is used for cutting a roll of paper to the exact width required by the client. Sheeting implies cutting a roll of paper into custom sized sheets produced to the specifications of the

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digital printers UAE

Digital printers Dubai

Digital printing is a relatively new printing method that is used in a variety of sectors, representing an economically viable way of producing low to medium volumes of prints and usually recommended for small to mid-sized companies. It implies creating a final output from any digital image or text, without the need of any intermediary steps or any preparation process.

This method has become popular in the last years due to the lower costs implied in producing small runs, since it does not

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Paper Manufacturers UAE - Dubai

Paper manufacturing implies a series of different processes, from wood preparation, pulping, bleaching, chemical recovery and pulp drying, to the actual paper making. Some manufacturers also offer paper converting services, such as coating or box making, among many others.

Wood preparation consists of taking the primary raw material, wood in this case, which usually comes in logs, and cutting it into chips, before further processing it. Pulping represents the separation of the wood chips into

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Digital printers in Dubai

Digital printing is a modern cost and time efficient on demand method of printing a digital based image by sending it directly to the printer, without the need of using a printing plate or a press, like in offset printing. This type of printing can be done with both inkjet and laser printers and on a variety of materials, such as different types of paper, gloss, satin or matte photographic paper, canvas, glass, marble and metal, among many others.

The advantages of digital printing include

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