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Point of sale equipment suppliers in Dubai provide computerized solutions for payment processing, order tracking and inventory management for companies operating in the retail and hospitality industries in the UAE.

The wide range of products offered include complete point of sale systems, point of sale terminals, desktop, mobile or kiosk receipt printers, touch screens of different sizes, cash register systems, manual, USB and serial cash drawers, corded, cordless, mobile computer and presentation  barcode scanners, stands for barcode scanners, fixed and mobile credit card swipe readers, smart card readers, pole and desktop customer displays, point of sale keyboards, all payment terminals, simple and LCD signature capture pads, credit card readers with integrated signature pads, check readers, digital POS scales, point of sale monitors and receipt ribbons, as well as all the POS software needed in the retail and hospitality sectors.

All of these solutions encompass all of the payment, ordering and inventory management functions done in the retail or hospitality sectors. Using POS equipments helps your business be more efficient and improve the overall shopping experience of the customer.  The advantages of using such solutions include the ability to operate transactions faster, to track customer information easier and provide better loyalty services, to ensure every product is sold at the right price, by scanning the barcode attached to it, to have access to accurate inventory information, to adjust stock levels and to the profit margins and drive efficiency by knowing exactly what and when the customers usually buy in store or order and to quickly verify IDs for tobacco and alcohol purchases. The use of a good system and software provides several key features that are necessary for an easy and efficient sale process, such as fast and simple checkouts, with the use of barcode scanners and payment terminals with credit card readers, quick access to updated inventory data, by the adjusting of product stocks after each transaction, accurate reports about the sales, that are very useful for management decisions, easy return processes and the possibility to sync different types of data with other external applications.

Every business has its unique needs and requirements and the high quality POS hardware and software provided by any of the suppliers in the UAE can be set up to work for any business like a store, restaurant or hotel, among many others. No matter of the business size or the types of products or services you offer for purchase, the use of an integrated computerized system that helps you process transactions easier and have access to different product information or stock data quickly is vital nowadays for any company trying to offer the most competitive services and looking for customers that are happy with the services provided and choose return to your company. All the point of sale equipment needed is a PC and a few peripherals, customized for your applications, in order to create the most suitable system for enhancing your sales and the customer satisfaction.