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Screen printing equipment Dubai

Screen printing is a method of printing that involves creating different stencils, also known as screens in the industry, for each specific job, and then using the screens to apply layers of ink of different colors on the printing surface. Each specific screen for each color that is intended to use for a print, is applied one at a time, so that the colors are layered in order to achieve the desired final look. It is considered one of the most versatile printing options, as it can be used on many substrates of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Also, it allows the creation of different artworks and effects that would not be possible with other printing methods.

The method is mostly used for printing advertising banners and signs, for

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Screen printing services Dubai

There are many companies specialized in providing screen printing services in Dubai, offering solutions for both smaller or larger runs, depending on the application. The services include applying different types of artwork or logo branding to a wide range of products, from plastic objects to clothing items. The objects that can be printed using this method include plastic bottles, pens, promotional items, tees for sports teams, school uniforms, totes, cushions, pillow cases, bed linen, towels

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Signmakers and signwriters UAE

Signmakers and signwriters in Dubai

Signmakers and signwriters design, manufacture, print and install different types of signs, including two or three dimensional ones, backlit ones, neon signs or signs with motion, made of different materials like metal, plastic, vinyl or glass and for a wide range of purposes, such as point of sale or promotional signs, shop window options, traffic and directional signs, vehicle body graphics or indoor signs, among other possible options.

With the expansion of businesses from many sectors in

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Screen printing services in Dubai

Screen printing is a popular printing method, used due to its lower costs than other printing options and to the fact that it can be used on a variety of substrates and in a wide range of applications.

There are many companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah that offer a wide range of screen printing services for products from different industries, mostly in the textile and commercial sectors. The industry which makes the most use of this technique is the garment production industry, as it can

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AGFA in Dubai

AGFA is a worldwide leading supplier of equipment and consumables for the printing industry in a wide range of sectors. The AGFA Dubai branch provides various commercial and industrial printing equipment and supplies for different applications, including for the manufacturing of signage and all types of displays, a sector that is currently expanding in the Middle East. They offer the latest technologies in wide format inkjet printers, dedicated inks for any type of project and the workflow

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Sign Equipment and Supplies Dubai

Together with the increase in the number of businesses in many different sectors, that found their place on the growing Dubai market lately, there can also be noticed an increased demand for all types of signage. Many companies in the region have specialized in the manufacturing of signs, catering mostly to the advertising needs of the retail, hospitality and transportation sectors, while others have specialized in the distribution of all the sign equipment and supplies needed for any

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AGFA Dubai

The AGFA Group develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of analog and digital imaging solutions mostly for the printing industry in a variety of sectors and the healthcare sector, but also for other applications in different industries.

AGFA Dubai provides complete solutions for the printing industry in the UAE, such as different types of equipment and supplies, including everything needed for aerial photography, electronic materials, membranes, photo tooling solutions, specialty foils

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sign equipment and suppliers UAE

Sign equipment and supplies in Dubai

Signs are used for many purposes nowadays, but the type that are mostly manufactured are the ones used for commercial or marketing purposes. This type of signs are used in order to transmit a message to the target customers and convince them to choose specific products or services offered by a company.

No matter what your needs in the sign manufacturing industry are, you can find a wide range of sign equipment and supplies in the offer of many different companies in the UAE, specialized in

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Canon Dubai - Middle East

If you are looking to purchase a Canon camera and you are not sure which option will suit your needs, this guide will help you understand all of the product ranges and the purposes they have been specifically designed for. All of the products are available for purchase online or in any authorized shop in the world, including in the Canon Dubai location, which provides solutions to consumers in the Middle East region, in both the private and business sectors.

Choosing from such a wide range of

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Signmakers and signwriters Dubai

Signs are used for a variety of purposes nowadays, but most of the ones that are produced are used for advertising. In this case, they are important means of attracting the attention of the target customers and influence their decision of selecting a specific brand or product. Together with the growing number of businesses in different sectors in the UAE, many companies specialized in creating signage appeared on the market, in order to cater to the advertising needs of these companies of any

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Canon UAE

Canon Dubai

Canon Dubai provides a wide range of products for both at home use, as well as for the use in offices and different business sectors, together with many different services and all the software, access drivers, user manuals and technical support needed in order to operate their products.

Whether you are just a photography enthusiast looking for a high quality camera to use for non commercial purposes, or a professional photographer looking for the latest technologies in terms of cameras or for

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