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Digital printing equipment Dubai

Digital printing has become one of the most used methods in the industry, since it is a fast and efficient option for creating prints in any quantities. While it is preferred for any types of projects that imply printing on paper, especially in the photography sector, in the last few years, due to the technological advancements, it is also possible to use this method for printing on a variety of substrates, including on garments in the textiles industry.

Many printing companies in Dubai, as well as in other places in the Middle East, have decided to expand the services they provide, in order to cater to the demands in the textiles printing sector. Any company in the sector, willing to offer solutions for different types of clothing items

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digital printing equipment UAE

Digital printing equipment in Dubai

Digital printing equipment Dubai suppliers provide a wide array of high quality, technologically advanced and reliable equipment for businesses in the UAE, including blank ink only and multicolor ink configuration inkjet, laser, LED, solid ink, dye sublimation, 3D and larger format printers, as well as cutters for various substrates, rotary engravers and bench top mills, specifically designed to suit the different needs of professionals in a variety of sectors, mostly the ones in the graphics

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Hewlett Packard Dubai

HP – Hewlett Packard Dubai is the local branch of the world renowned company, bringing their latest technological developments to the UAE and the rest of the Middle East region. They participated this year for the eighth time at the annual GITEX Shopper event, the largest IT and electronics sale exhibition in the Middle East which also celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2015.

HP had the opportunity to showcase their brand idea and present the latest features available in their PCs and

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Fuji in Dubai

Fuji is famous for the high quality photography and imaging solutions for both the private, as well as the business sectors. The company has regional branches in many locations throughout the world, the one for the Middle East, Fuji Dubai, being located in the UAE.

 The company has been one of the early developers that brought substantial innovations in the consumer compact camera market. Being in  the photographic industry for decades, they provide a wide range of high quality cameras with

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HP - Hewlett Packard Dubai

HP – Hewlett Packard is a world renowned company headquartered in the USA, developing and providing a wide range of computer hardware components, laptops, desktops, printers, scanners, multifunctional machines for office use, as well as software and related services to worldwide consumers from the private sector, for at home office use and also for small, medium and large enterprise businesses in a variety of sectors.

The HP – Hewlett Packard Dubai branch, like all branches throughout the

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Fuji Dubai

Fuji Dubai provides a wide array of both consumer and business specific products, together with all the supplies needed and the support required in order to use the products properly. Their offer includes different types of digital cameras, including 3D digital cameras, lens accessories, such as protector filters, conversion lens, mount adapters, lens hoods, adapter rings and lens caps, shoe mount flashes, exposure setting dials, levers for setting wide panels, mounting lock releasing buttons

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Kodak in Dubai

Kodak is a company with branches throughout the world that is specialized in all types of imaging solutions for both the private and commercial sector. They provide products developed by them or by partnering with other companies, including a wide range of hardware, the software needed in order to operate the equipment, the most suitable consumables, as well as different services for clients in the graphic arts, commercial printing, publishing, packaging and entertainment sectors, solutions for

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Heidelberg in Dubai

Digital and offset printing are the most widely used methods in the industry and usually, the choice between the two is made depending on the overall costs of the procedure, the quantity of prints that need to be produced and the type of substrate that needs to be used for each project.

The Heidelberg Dubai branch is a major provider of printing equipment in the Middle East region, offering solutions for both commercial and in plant printing. With the latest printers provided by this company

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Kodak Dubai


Kodak Dubai offers everything you need for both personal or commercial photography, including the latest technologies in digital, film or single use cameras and all the gear and accessories you might need for your camera, as well as long life batteries with an improved performance, powerful chargers for any type of batteries and photo storage solutions, such as memory cards, portable USB flash drive products and CDs and DVDs with advanced data protection.

Photo printing solutions are also

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Heidelberg UAE

Heidelberg Dubai

Heidelberg is an important provider and reliable partner to the printing industry in the entire world. The Dubai branch serves to the growing printing sector in the UAE, supplying equipment and materials for the mass publishing and packaging industries, where a great demand of printing solutions has been seen in the last years.

Heidelberg Dubai offers all the components needed, customized to the requirements of the client, together with the right services and consumables, for successful and

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Konica Minolta in Dubai

Konica Minolta Dubai subsidiary provides different services, systems and solutions to business clients in the Middle East, catering to the demands in all of the office documents printing, scanning and copying processes, as well as to the needs in the production printing sector. Their Optimized Print Services concept includes guidance and consultancy in the selection of the most suitable hardware and software and also service operations for the most efficient and cost effective business

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