Please describe your company.
Established in Dubai in 2017, RasterPro specializes in large format signage and digital printing solutions, such as hoardings, unipoles, building wrapping, fleet graphics, wall branding, displays, exhibitions, events branding, and flags.  Their motto is to be as environment-friendly as possible, attending shows in Europe and China to source eco-friendly machinery and products.

They have also specialized in day and night technology for hoardings, ensuring the same quality of visibility for the day as well as nighttime.
When did you purchase the Dimense? 
We bought it from Flex-Europa during the Sign and Graphics Imaging show in January this year.
What are the properties of the machine you like? 
This is a Lithuanian machine which specializes in personalized wallpaper printing. It can do very good 3D imposition, upto a depth of 3mm, while digitally printing as well. Therefore, we can get print and emboss effect, which is very pleasing to the eye.  Also, the other important feature is the material that is used by the printer is PVC/Vinyl free.  It is a non-woven substrate and even the inks that are used are latex, water-based inks, making it a very eco-friendly machine. Also, the durability of the wallpapers is very high – it can last almost a lifetime.  And practically maintenance-free, simply washing it is enough.
Why did you decide to invest in the Dimense? 
The decision was based on the fact that the machine is very versatile.  There’s nothing it can’t do.
Did you look at other similar 3D printers? 
This is the first one of its kind in the UAE, rather I think in the entire Middle East, so there is no similar machine that we can compare it with. 
What are the features that tilted the decision in favour of this machine? 
The fact that it can be safely used in any place – as long as the wallpapers are pasted indoors.  It is completely safe for hospitals, children’s bedrooms and play area, hotels, restaurants, homes, offices.  You name it, and the wall papers can be pasted simply anywhere. Also, the installation is very simple and seamless – they are zero-joint wallpapers. Even price-wise, these wall papers are only very marginally expensive as compared to any normal wallpapers and the benefits are very many.  Also, any normal glue can be used too. Removing the papers is extremely simple as well and they do not damage the walls either. 
How has the machine helped you in your print production?
It is only purchased and installed in January and within a couple of months, we have already completed a few jobs for an office in Business Bay area and one for a government office in Abu Dhabi.  

For what applications do you use the Dimense? 
It is suitable for any indoor wallpaper printing.  There are five different substrate options – matt, white, gold, silver and pearl.
Is there anything that you do not like or can be improved about this? Did you have any issues with the machine and its implementation? 
Actually, there is nothing that I do not like about the machine.  But, if I have to name something, it would be that it’s not fire retardant. 
If there’s a critical job, would you rely on this to see it through? 
Oh yes, completely.  It is simple in operation, and  yet able to do complicated jobs. Anything can be printed, textured or embossed. 
What’s the quality like? 
The quality of the printed and embossed jobs is quite excellent.  It can reproduce almost any colour – especially required for branding purposes. The profile is similar to latex machines. Even for reprints, the output is absolutely similar to the previous print job. 
How easy is it to use? 
It is extremely simple to use. The machine was installed, and basic training needed to be given for a day or two.  And on the very next day, the machine was operational. 
Would you say that it offers value for money?  
Oh, absolutely.  This is its biggest feature.  It can start getting returns on investment after a mere two jobs.
Were there any difficulties while operating the Dimense? 
None, at all. Since it’s a small machine, and quite simple in  operation, there is absolutely no difficulty in operating the 3D printer. 
Under what circumstances would you recommend it to others? 
I think it is a highly recommendable machine.

User’s verdict:

Speed   * * * 

Quality   * * * * *

Reliability   * * * * 

Value for money   * * * * *