An integrated creasing and folding system which units the two operations in one process.

What does it do?
The Touchline generation offers more flexibility and automation than any other product in its class. The Touchline CF375 from Multigraf is an integrated creasing and folding system which units the two operations in one process. CF375 is upgradable to lengthwise perforation. Finally, it can do integrated creasing and folding all in one!

Max size: 375 x 1050 mm
Min size: 105 x 148 mm
Folding: 6000 sheets/hour, 6 Fold types
Paper handling: 80-400 gsm, Ultrasonic double sheet detection, Suction feeder
Screen type: Touchscreen
Feeder: Pile feeder up to 660 mm
Local Contact: Dynagraph: +971 4 347 7724

When was it launched and what market is it aimed at?
The third generation of CF375 was launched at DRUPA 2016. Since then more than 1.000 CF machines are installed globally. The first CF375 was installed at the end of 2018 in Abu Dhabi.

What market it is being targeted?
The CF 375 is Multigraf’s most successful product worldwide. During the Gulf Print Dynagraph try to convince their partners of the highest quality in paper processing  in the Middle Eastern graphic industry. With more than 35 years’ experience, Multigraf in Switzerland is a reliable partner for ambitious, quality conscious printing companies and represents a future-proof decision for all users.

How does it work?
Simple menu-driven operation. All-important settings can be made centrally, directly via the Touchscreen. For operation, all models are fitted with an automatic, ergonomic control panel during production.
The creasing and folding machines is equipped with a deep pile feeder featuring a suction belt and an air blow system for a perfect sheet separation. An ultrasonic double sheet detection is installed. A fully automatic creasing and folding machine.

What are the options?
Stream delivery and table extension up to 1050 mm are possible. An optional online perforating device is available for the lower outlet level. Changing from small to large crease depth with 1 creasing bar is easily feasible. Deep pile feeder up to 660mm for high volume is upgradable.
How fast and productive it is?
The machine processes up to 6000 A5/h size sheets per hour irrespective of the number of creases and folds. Changing between different jobs is very fast. The roller is automatically moved to a basic appropriate for the processed size. The processed products are delivered in two delivery models. When the sheets are only creased, the machine delivers sheets into a tray. It creases and folds paper weighing from 80 up to 400 g/m2 in one continuous process.
What is the USP?
Multigraf introduced the unique swing-bar system to prevent the breaking of paper fibres during the creasing process. Another unique characteristic of the Touchline CF 375 is the fully-automatic setting of groove depths with 3 automatic depth positions.
The folding unit uses Multigraf’s patented pro-knife system which guarantees a perfect folding process even with thicker products. Creasing or folding can be operated separately with deep feeder up to 180mm. Modular system with a pile feeder up to 660 mm. Swiss engineering and production!

What trainings do you offer?
The Multigraf products are being sold by Dynagraph for Gulf region. We have given enough training for their team. In addition, they are there in the industry for many decades and they know what is required for the customers. The product will be promoted in the upcoming Gulf Print and Pack 2019 show. The visitors can witness the product ability during the show at stand 1D10.

Alternatives from Touchline Family
C 375 Plus (Creasing)
The Touchline C375 PLUS is more than just a creasing machine. As part of a product family its use can be extended beyond simple creasing of paper and card.
CP Duo 375 (Creasing and perforation)
Touchline CP375 DUO is capable of performing up to 20 creases and 20 perforations simultaneously in a single run.
CP Duo+TCF (Creasing, Perforation and Folding)
Creasing, Time Perforation in both direction and folding. Up to 5 application in one pass.
CPC 375 (Creasing, Perforation and Cutting)
The CPC375 is a powerful cutting, creasing and perforating system capable of cutting a creasing papers weights of 80 to 400 gsm.
CPC 375+ TF (Creasing, Perforation, Cutting and Folding)
Multifinishing with Creasing, Perforating, Cutting and Folding- all in one operation.