The machine that allows you to bring more value and creativity to your customers.

What does it do?
The MGI JETvarnish 3Ds +IFoilS is a dedicated spot UV coating & foiling machine, based on LED UV exclusively designed & manufactured for the short-run digital & offset print market. It takes sheet sizes from A4 to maximum of 364 mm x 1020 mm & supports 135 to 450 gsm stock thickness.  The machine is offered with an optional inline foiling system called IFoilS.  It applies foiling on top of the UV spot varnished area with precision & high finish resulting in tactile & embossed effects with foiling.  The foils used are hot foil available in the market easily. The UV coating thickness can be from 21 microns to the maximum of 232 microns with the optional T2 heads.
Equipped with the ground breaking technology invention, the patented Artificial Intelligence Scanner (AIS) which takes away registration hassles and can register perfectly the very first sheet itself and do not need any crop marks or registration marks.

Max sheet size: 364x1020 mm
Resolution: 1200 dpi
Registration: Fully automatic with patented AIS
Maximum speed: 2077 SRA3 sheets/hour with 21 microns @ 30% coverage
Thickness of varnis: 21 to 232 microns   
Foiling: Inline
Minimum foiling area:  5 cm x 10 cm
Maximum foiling area: 320 x 1020 m
Substrate weight range: 135 gsm to 450 gsm

When was it launched globally and here?
Winner of several innovation & technology awards, MGI is the “world’s first” to use inkjet technology in digital spot UV.  Leading 10 plus years ahead to its near competition in terms of development, expertise & maturing the technology of applying Hybrid thickness of UV coating in one pass.
MGI uses the DOD (Drop on demand) Inkjet technology by Konica Minolta. In Drupa 2012 Konica Minolta bought 10% shares of MGI. The mutual cooperation strengthened further and it was decided to produce the digital format JETvarnish 3DS exclusively for Konica Minolta. And in 2014, MGI successfully developed and inducted the optional inline-foiling unit on the JETvarnish machines and was made available in IPEX -2014 for JETvarnish 3DS too. Enabling the embossed foiling, VDP in foiling, cost effective 3D raised effect etc. It’s also available with 3DS.
KM purchased shares to 40% in the MGI business in 2017, and the product was officially taken into the Konica Minolta product portfolio.  In the Middle East region, the product was launched in October 2018 in Dubai.

What market it is being targeted?
The machine is targeted to digital print houses, commercial printers, packaging companies CRDs, advertising companies. Especially for small & medium run jobs for spot UV, foiling and embossing jobs, VDP foiling applications, lux-pack, sampling etc. 
How does it work?
MGI’s exclusive inkjet engine technology is based on Drop-on-Demand (DoD) technology Piezoelectric print-heads, developed and manufactured by Konica Minolta single pass printing flexible & scalable printing architecture.
The JETvarnish 3DS lets you start fast, finish strong -no prep is required beyond creating a graphic description file for surfaces to be coated (5th layer mask). Once your file is ready, the first coated sheet is output within 5mins. Any sheet coming out of the JETvarnish 3DS is immediately dry and ready for handling-and your customers can accept a print proof that will be fully identical throughout production.  A mask file is created for the areas to be embellished and saved in TIFF format in grey scale. The 100% black takes the maximum thickness & % of grey commensurate to the thickness to be applied which makes it possible to apply variable thickness in one pass.
How does it differ from the previous models?
JETvarnish 3DS+iFoilS is the very first model designed and developed by MGI for this size, exclusively for digital market and works with single phase power supply, no compressed air or exhaust chimney required and could work in office like environment & the AIS scanner & LED-UV technology makes the difference.

What are the options?
The iFoilS unit is an option & could be retrofitted in future at site if initially ordered the spot UV unit only; Second bar of Inkjet head T2, making it possible to do up to 232 micron of UV coating in single pass; VDP Kit –   Enabling the personalized embossed foiling, VDP in foiling

How fast and productive it is?
From the receipt of the job the first UV spot coated sheet can come out of the machine in 5 mins. In an hour 2077 A3 sheets could be produced with 30% coverage spot UV job with 21-micron thickness coating & foiling on top.

What support and offer for this region?
In Middle East we are ready to offer first line technical support to all our partners & customers.  Our partners are fully trained on the products by our specialists based in ME and trained at our European office in Germany.

What is the sales target after launching it here and how many globally installed?
After our successful launch five months ago in Dubai, we have several serious prospects in discussion at the moment and are at finalization stage. We look forward to conclude two/three units in UAE by end of this year, and the same numbers again in Saudi Arabia. With regards to the rest of the GCC region we have successfully sold and delivered one unit in Oman and we are expecting one more in the very near future.  We hope to conclude further deals and final discussions during the Gulf Print & Pack 2019.  

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