A flatbed printer specially designed to offer optimal flexibility, Words by Som John

What does it do?
JETi - MIRA is an award winning & a versatile UV LED curing Flat Bed printer. It can virtually print anything and on all rigid substrates with strong adhesion of inks and wide colour gamut.
In addition, it can print on flexible substrates with the usage of RTR option which  is dockable. Media: banners, posters, signage (e.g. traffic or industrial information), exhibit graphics, POP, mock-ups, backlit, front-lit, self-adhesives (labels) etc. It can also be used for niche applications such as DVDs, wood, art reproductions, personalized object printing (e.g. mouse pads), party favours, architectural and interior decoration, multi layer elevated printing, 3D lenticular printing, Spot Varnish and more.

Maximum width: 2.69 m (8.82 ft)
Thickness: Min. 0.2 mm (0.008”) – max. 50.8 mm (2”)
Media types: Reinforced vinyl, pressure-sensitive vinyl, canvas, fabrics, foam board, corrugated board, lenticular, tile, drywall, glass, sheet, metal, paper, and more
Print heads: Piezoelectric Ricoh MH5420
Borderless printing flexible media: Up to 2.05 m (6.72 ft)
Maximum length: Depends on total roll weight

What market is it aimed at?
Target market is all the Digital Wide format printing houses, Exhibition & Event Management companies, Sign makers who wish to expand and cater NICHE market, Art galleries, Decor companies, Glass decorators, Offset Printers etc. 

How does it work?
JETi - MIRA is a  UV true flat bed engine, very robust and industrial to meet the demands of heavy workload and mass production. The shuttle movement runs on linear motion technology which enhances accuracy in printing.
JETi - MIRA is driven by AGFA’s own developed wide format workflow software Asanti. Software is very friendly and easy to use. Asanti software controls the entire printing process from prepress to production & finishing. With its colour management and calibration, it results in high vibrancy and wide colour gamut. It simplifies, optimizes and automates as many steps as possible, offering you a high-performance, solution for increased productivity. The smart Asanti algorithms reduce your ink consumption for an output resulting in low cost of production. Advantage to prospects.
Equipped with UV LED lamps for the curing process, the JETi - MIRA comes with a number of economical, ecological and business-generating benefits: LEDs are cool to the touch and have minimal heat output, which is why they allow for a broader scope of print applications. They enable you to print on heat-sensitive substrates such as thin slides, self-adhesive sheets or stretched PVC materials, for example. Limited heat generation also enables very stable calibration; LED lamps can be switched on and off instantly, without any degradation of intensity. That means there is no lamp warm-up time or delay for shutter motion. The result? Faster operations and higher productivity; LEDs last for at least 10,000 hours each, which means that dependent on the usage they can last as long as five years or up to a printer’s lifetime. They generate a consistent output throughout that period.

How does it differ from previous products?
New JETi - Mira is with advance technology with linear motion. With low inks consumption’s - Thin Inks Layer Inks technology. Low production cost increase your ROI

What are the options?
JETi - Mira - with 6 colours, white  RTR, varnish and primer option with two sizes of tables of 1.6M or 3.2M with a standard width of 2.69M and also 3D lens technology printing are optional extras.

How fast is it?
Production depends on the mode you choose to print to attain the productivity.  At a draft mode the outcome can be  248 m²/h. The award-winning JETi - MIRA produces outstanding print quality in six colours and white. The 7 pl-droplets produce stunning, detailed images and razor-sharp texts – even with type as small as 4 pt, both positive and negative. The printer’s six colour setup, further enhanced by intelligent gradient and masking technology, guarantees smooth tonal reproduction. 

What is the USP?
Enhance productivity  with ‘Print & Prepare’ mode, the JETi - MIRA allows you to load one side of the table while the other side is printing. As such, this feature reduces idle time and increases your productivity. It’s perfect for large boards, smaller boards and double-sided images.  In addition, it does 3D lenticular printing, Spot Varnish and multi-layer printing. It features 6 different vacuum zones and 4 sets of registration pins for complete accuracy. Again, Clog-free white ink printing for all applications.
Advanced GUI design for cropping, rotating, auto-nesting, scaling, stepping, saving job parameters for reprints and more.