A single software that handles estimation & layout planning for sheetfed & web offset, digital, large format, flexo and digital web presses.

What does the software do?
The software generates Cost Based Print Ready Layouts such as imposition for books, step & repeat and nesting for die cut jobs like folding cartons, blisters, labels and signage. Optimise hundreds of jobs of different sizes, shapes, varying quantities and colours employing a highly sophisticated ganging algorithm.
It is the only software that handles layout generation for multiple printing technologies like sheetfed & web offset, digital, large format, flexo and digital web presses within single interface. Recently Print Estimation module was launched, built on top of this proven layout planning algorithms, which produces accurate cost estimates.

Commercial printing:
Imposition for books
Rectangular ganging

Folding cartons; Labels;
Free shape ganging

Print Device Support:
Sheetfed offset; Conventional web; Cutsheet digital; Digital web; Flexo; Large format (LFP)

Optional Features:
Job database
Imp Flow: Unmanned imposition & ganging

System Requirement:
Windows OS

New Release:
Estimation module

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M: +91 92468 90540

How does it work?
Imp software looks at the cost and technical parameters of processes that affect layout planning such as material (paper board), printing, folding, binding, die-making, die-cutting, guillotine cutting, digital cutting and reel sheeting. The Estimation module considers all possible processes and operations and generates accurate estimate of the job with a single click.
The layouts of approved orders can be used as produced or further fine-tuned by the planner and used for pre-press processing thus eliminating imposition, step & repeat, ganging and nesting in pre-press.

How does it differ from previous versions?
Software development is a continuous and ceaseless process. We take feedback from our users and the industry globally to enhance the features offered by our software. In 2011 we launched imposition and ganging for commercial jobs, in 2013 we added features for packaging, in 2015 we developed support for digital printing, in 2016 our developers wrote new algorithms for the large format segment and in 2018 we have launched the Estimation module on top of our proven Layout Creation technology.

Options, add-ons and integrations with other products?
About a dozen MIS / ERP solutions providers have integrated our engine to enhance the accuracy of their estimates and layout planning with our API.
Standalone out of the box module eliminates the need for any 3rd party imposition software in pre-press. The imposed PDF or JDF can be exported to a RIP or Workflow for imaging plates or digital printing. The software is modular, only the features required can be bought and further enhancements can be obtained by upgrades later as needs grow.

What is the USP?
Today, with varied demands from print buyers, printers are challenged to be agile and responsive. It is very common to find printers who do all sorts of print jobs (flyers to packaging), run both offset and digital presses, on sheet-fed as well as roll-fed formats. Volumes are going down but number of jobs to print are going up. Then there is the challenge of finding the economical way to print – offset or digital; margins have reduced significantly, and printers need to improve productivity with their existing infrastructure. The ability to rapidly create cost efficient layouts, improves profitability and enables optimum use of high cost machinery. Imp software with its built-in intelligence empowers printers remarkably in achieving these goals.
The new directions and methodology adopted in Imp, coupled with never seen features like Die Library, unmanned dynamic imposition and ganging, received the prestigious 2016 InterTech Technology Award from the Printing Industries of America.

How easy is it to use?
Simplifying complexity is our design aim and ease of use is our fundamental philosophy. We have customers who process around 2,000 jobs per day with our hands-free option! Installation and maintenance are simple as no complex database are involved.

What training and support is on offer?
We have innovated in this area as well. Our entire demo, installation, training and support is online. As an example, in UAE we have as our customer, Express Pack Print, Dubai. They bought our Estimation and Layout planning module in April 2018. Even though we have not visited them yet, they are extremely happy with our support.

How much does it cost?
Starts at US$ 7,750 and depending on features and number of user licenses, it can go up. We have some customers in Europe and the USA, who have bought our software (layout creation module only) for a total of up to USD 200,000.

What is the sales target? What is the install base worldwide and in the Middle East and Africa?
Our target is to continue to develop and deliver cutting edge performance and features. Our primary market is Europe and the Americas. In the UAE, there are about twenty-five printers where our software is working silently in background integrated with one of the many MIS/ERP systems that have been sold by solution providers worldwide.

“Simplifying Complexity – estimation, imposition, ganging die-cut jobs in single click.”