A highly productive machine for short run labels, words by Pauline Brooks, marketing development manager, Konica Minolta

What does it do?
AccurioLabel 190 is equipped with an engine based on the award winning bizhub PRESS C1070, which has been proven in the PP market over a number of years. The AccurioLabel 190 has been designed and developed to fit into the short run digital label printing market and to promote new business expansion, due to its suitability in the customized label market. The technology brings in flexibility for VDP applications like Personalization, Serial Number, Bar Codes, Batch Number, etc. In addition, it allows not only the existing label converters (label printers) but also commercial printers to newly participate in the label printing market with limited investment.

Type:  Printer + roll feeder + rewinder
Printing method:  Dry-toner electrophotography
Colour support:  Full colour (CMYK)
Printing resolution/gradation:  1200dpi (3600dpi equivalent) x 1200dpi / 8bit
Max. printing image size:  Normal mode: 90 x 148mm to 320 x 480mm;
Banner mode: 90 x 148mm to 320 x 1,195mm
Paper width:  330mm
Max. roll feeder / rewinder diameter:  OD = 500mm
Paper thickness range:  60 to 250μm
Compatible file formats:  PS, PDF (APPE supported), 8bitTIFF

When was it launched globally and here?
The AccurioLabel 190 was launched in the US, Europe and Japan in 2016 and was first shown at Gulf Print and Pack in Dubai, 2017.

What market it is being targeted?
AL 190 is designed to target three main domains Label application; Label Converters, Brand Owners and Commercial Printers who would like to have a new dimension in to their business.  As the number of high mix and low volume label printing jobs continues to increase, print companies now find themselves in a position where they also need to be able to cope with orders with shorter lead times than with conventional high-volume flexo printing. Brand owners who used to outsource including samples but wanting to bring jobs in-house.  Printing demands that were difficult to cope with using analogue printers can now be handled efficiently thanks to the flexibility, that is one of the advantages of digital label printing. The added value that the AL 190 provides for tasks such as variable and numbering printing, enables print companies to realize product differentiation amidst diversifying market needs.

How does it work?
AL 190 is designed on Electrophotogrpahy Technology using CMYK Colours. Since no printing plate is required for the digital printing, data is transferred digitally and there is no analog process involved like Plate Making, Manual Adjustment of Colours, Print Engine, etc., an effective workflow from reception of print files to printing is realised. In addition, with a wider flexibility in designing and facilitated colour control, reprint of the label that have been printed in the past can be quickly performed.  Scanning control with 3600dpi (main scanning) combined with edge enhancement of texts/thin lines provides text quality very close to that of offset. Nominal output resolution is claimed to be 1200x1200dpi. However, scanning control in the main scanning direction is actually performed by splitting each dot into three segments, which results in 3600dpi equivalent. High output resolution, 8bit colour gradation combined with font edge detection and edge enhancement technology developed by Konica Minolta provide the top-level quality in its class for text/thin line reproduction. Edge enhancement can be set to one of five different levels, which helps facilitate the adjustment of line width of tiny text and readability of outlined texts with halftone background. Since edge enhancement is incorporated into the engine, it causes no negative effects on the RIP speed unlike the competitors that perform edge enhancement during RIP processing.

What are the options?
The AccurioPro Label impose software provides the perfect solution for optimised media usage, avoiding the possible waste of label substrates. The application gives the operator a simple and intuitive interface to automatically impose and prepare label jobs for printing. In addition, users can also print PDFs as basis for the creation of the required cutting tools or other finishing processes. AccurioPro Label Impose impresses with its PDF-based workflow and generous feature set, enabling operators to handle many pre-press tasks from one central control station. Working seamlessly with the AccurioLabel 190, the software perfectly complements Konica Minolta’s label press. The benefits: Automatic creation of label repetitions –  handling of variable data content – Adjustable spacing between elements – Adding standard and custom eye marks – Gang-up printing of different artwork – Preparation for die-cutting & finishing tools.

How fast and productive it is?
The top productivity is as high as 18.9m/minute, however with variety of media palpability average Productivity is as high as 13.5m/min with tack paper is realized. With the top-level printing speed and performance in its class, the printing speed can be selected from three     modes; 18.9m/13.5m/9.45m depending on the print media. In addition, since the warm-up time after the power is ON is short, set-up time can be saved so that the productivity in print operation is enhanced.

How does it differ from the previous models?
The Konica Minolta brand is new to the labels & packaging market segment. It will take time to establish the KM brand, label converters are slowly becoming aware of the products we now have. With over 100 label presses sold as of Sept’17 in Europe, the strength and awareness of Konica Minolta’s product offerings in labels & packaging is growing fast.

What support is offered for this region? 
Here in the Middle East we offer first line technical support to all our partners, all our partners are trained either on site in their own country or in our head office in Japan. The countries we cover are as follows, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran.  All our partners offer operator training to the end user and excellent service response within the same day.