A press which allows to create more results-driving “wow” per page.

What does it do?
The machine prints ultra HD CMYK with the addition of print embellishments with Gold and Silver toners that can be used as an overlay or underlay, allowing true metallic hues to be printed with CMYK overlays.
In addition to this, we can also overlay clear toner to further enhance the print. The Iridesse Production Press can lay 6 colours down in one pass ensuring the maximum productivity and spot on registration.

When was it launched globally and here?
The preliminary announcement was made on May 9th 2018. The initial announcement was made through a webinar session where most of the media and important clients from all over the world attended it. However, the product launch and installations started from June 1st 2018.

What market it is being targeted?
The product was not restricted to any market and it has been targeted to all market verticals from graphic arts to corporate and government.

Image resolution: Ultra HD Resolution (RIP 1200 x 1200 dpi x 10 bit, plus print 2400 x 2400 dpi x 1 bit)

Productivity/Print Speeds: 120 ppm (A4/8.5 x 11” letter), all weights 52–400 gsm (35 lb Text to 145 lb Cover)

Paper weights: 52–400 gsm (35 lb Text to 145 lb Cover)

Size: Base printing system (without RIP and/or feeding/finishing devices; W x D x H): – 3,009 mm x 1,092 mm x 1,865 mm; Weight: 1,373 kg (3,027 lb)

How does it differ from the previous models?
The Iridesse differs from the Colour Press 1000i. Here it uses Ultra HD EA toner, and can lay down 6 colours in a single pass. It can also handle up to 400gsm stocks at the rated speed of 120 pages per minute and auto duplex all stocks from 52-400gsm. Part of the Ultra HD resolution is the ability to process the jobs on the EFI Fiery at 1200x1200 at 10 bit, giving us maximum image quality and allowing stunning prints to be printed at 2400x2400 at 1 bit. In other words, it provides outstanding prints with fine line details, smooth sweeps and flat offset like output.

What are the options?
The Iridesse production press is fully customisable from a standard 4 colour CMYK press with two input trays to a fully configured product with 6 colours.
Additional options for customers include a high capacity feeder, a multi-sheet inserter tray, an offset catch tray with 500-sheet capacity and a high capacity stack. Finishing options include an interface module to connect the press to inline finishing units including crease and two-sided trimmer, bookletmakers and a Xerox SquareFold fold-trim module.
Since the start of 2018, the Iridesse has been trialed in the UK at London-based commercial printer Instant Print West One (IPW1), where it has been producing adverts, cards and posters with a mix of metallic colours and special effects.
“We have had the good fortune of working closely with this press,” said sales director Glen Robbins. “Our operations include litho, wide-format, digital and embossing alongside various finishing jobs.

How fast and productive is it?
The Iridesse Production Press is rated at 120ppm ASRS (all stocks rated speed).

What is the USP?
Amazing output quality, automation enhancements to boost productivity, 6 colours in a single pass and most importantly, ease of use.

EFI’s Fiery DFE for Xerox Iridesse
In May 2018, EFI has launched a new Fiery digital front end (DFE), the Xerox EX-P 6 Print Server, for Xerox’s new Iridesse production press.
Fiery features, including Fiery Metallics and Fiery ImageViewer support the Iridesse while the EX-P 6 Print Server processes over 7TB of data per hour to drive the printer’s engine at its rated speed of 120ppm, utilising 1,200dpi and 10-bit resolution and six-colour output.
Xerox cut-sheet business vice-president and general manager Ragni Mehta said: “We worked hard with our partners at EFI to find a DFE with the power and flexibility to drive the new press.
“The Xerox Iridesse production press, in combination with the Xerox EX-P 6 print server, will bring new capabilities and business opportunities to our customers.”
The Fiery Metallics feature enables users to create metallic shades of custom spot colours at the DFE, with no additional pre-press work required.
And, with Fiery ImageViewer operators can view a raster image of all inks used in a job, including the speciality dry inks, to ensure high-value jobs print right the first time.
EFI vice-president of Fiery marketing John Henze said: “Customers get the best of both worlds: the ability to utilise their legacy workflows plus best-in-class Fiery performance, colour, and usability.”