A printer to print directly on both flexible and rigid media.

What does it do?
The Dilli Neo Sirius 1.6m is the most recent expansion to the Dilli portfolio of UV Hybrid printers. It can print directly on rigid and flexible (roll to roll) media upto 5 cm. The Neo Sirius has best in class features like  Dilli True Variable Dot Printing powered by 4 colour Gray Scale Ricoh Gen5 from 0pl to 21pl, LED curing system, Auto Gap preset System, Print Head Collision Prevention system, Anti- Static System, Print Head Nozzle Protection System, and Dilli DMPT Printing Technology for banding free printing.

Print Heads: Ricoh Gen5

Printer Width: 1.6 m /2.5m

Number of Print Heads: 6pcs

Drop Volume: 7 pl ( Variable)

Colour Option: CMYK +W

Ink Type: UV LED

Max Print Resolution: 2400 DPI

Printer Mode: Comes with four modes

Contact: +971 6 5565185, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When was it launched and what market is it aimed at?
The Dilli Neo Sirius was launched during the SGIA show October 2017 in the US. It was formally introduced to the Middle East market amid the SGI Dubai show in January 2018.
“This wide format hybrid printer is ideal for digital printers, photo labs, sign shops, screen printers, glass printers, wood printing, and lenticular. The LED lamps empowers printing on heat sensitive media and furthermore energy savings which reflects in costs and speedier up time,” says Manesh Shetty from WorldWide Digital.

How does it work?

The Neo Sirius utilizes Drop on demand piezoelectric technology. The printer has a conveyer belt mechanism too which has been used by Dilli since the time they have presented the Hybrid UV printers. Furthermore, the Ricoh Gen5 printheads (7pl) utilizes Dilli True variable Dot imaging technology resulting in genuine photo realistic printing quality based on standard 600 dpi (max 2400 dpi) fueled by 4 level gray scale from 0 upto 21pl.

How does it differ from previous products?
The Neo Sirius 1.6m is the first printer from Dilli to be launched with Rioch Gen5 heads (7 pl). The other models are Neo Titan with Konica Heads  12pl and Neo Sun with Kyocera Heads – 3pl.
What are the options?
The printer uses LED curing with white inks. The other choice would be Dilli Neo Sirus 2.5m with the similar specifications.
How fast and productive it is?
The machine comes with 4 print modes. Express Mode (600 x 600) at 65 sqm/hr, Production mode (600 x 1200) at 35 sqm/hr, Quality Mode (600 x 1800) at 24 sqm/hr, and Fine Art Mode (600 x 2400) at 19 sqm/hr. Depending upon the requirements, the customers can use the four different modes. 

What is its USP?
“Generally Rioch Gen 5 is used as a dual channel print head, which implies 2 colour in single head. But in Neo Sirius DIlli incorporates 1 colour per print head (same colour in both the channels) leading to native 600 dpi resolution. The other most important aspect is the High Pigmentation LED inks used in printer resulting in thin ink layer, which helps realize less ink usage without loss in colour gamut,” said Shetty.

What support and offer for this region?
“WorldWide Digital offers full support in terms of service ,spare parts and training for all Dilli Products installed in the Region. This model currently has an exclusive launch offer for the region. Worldwide Digital has successfully installed two Dilli Printers in the first quarter of 2018 in UAE and another two to be installed within a month. There are more installations planned also for the African Continent,” said Shetty.

The EFI H1625 LED is a mid-level production printer designed to maximize image quality with four colour plus optional white and grayscale print capability,
Handles flexible and rigid substrates up to 65” (165 cm) wide and 2” (5.08 cm) thick;   Max speed of 42 sqm/hr at Maz resolution 1200 dpi;   Print head: Toshiba TEC

Agfa Anapurna 1.6m
The latest addition to the Anapurna LED series – the Anapurna H1650i LED – is a smaller version of the popular Anapurna H2050i LED printer, with which it shares several features and benefits. Like its bigger brother, the new Anapurna prints on rigid and flexible media by means of LED curing
Rigid media maximum width: 165 cm (5.4 ft); 160 cm (5.2 ft) with borderless printing;   Flexible media maximum width: 165 cm (5.4 ft);    High-quality mode: Up to 7 m²/h (75 ft²/h);    Print head: Konica Minolta 1024i

“Dilli Neo Sirius comes with Ricoh Gen5 and offers resolution of 2400 DPI.”