A high volume colour B3 inkjet sheet-fed press to receive higher quality.

What does it do?
The i300 is a highly innovative, high volume color B3 inkjet sheet-fed press which combines higher quality and productivity; much faster than a high-end SRA3 toner and with a higher quality than a web-fed inkjet. Moreover, combined with cut-sheet versatility and media flexibility it provides intelligent and automated quality control; thus, bringing the inkjet benefits to cut-sheet.

When was it launched globally and here?
Initially launched in 2015, the i300 made its entry into the Middle East in Q4 of 2017.

Print Resolution
600x600 dpi with multilevel (1200 dpi perceived)
Paper Weight
60–300 gr/m²
Uncoated, inkjet treated, inkjet coated, offset uncoated, offset coated, tabs
Standard Configuration
1 Paper Input Module (PIM), Standard PIM or PIM-XL
1 High Capacity Stacker
Paper Trays
2 x 600 sheets, 2 x 1,700 sheets (80 gsm)

What market it is been targeted?
The product is skewed towards markets that have a need for high speed machines and not just toner based needs. More so, it is aptly suited for markets that have high usage volumes e.g. one million pages per month, the product then allows for a more efficient and dynamic outputting process to take place.

How does it work?
i300 offers a complete automated workflow and intuitive operation plus robust reliability for fast, uninterrupted production. Cut sheet fed, with a single-pass inkjet system along with full-width head arrays of variable-drop inkjet heads, it outputs a perceived 1,200dpi quality print.  Extremely user friendly, this piece of machinery also monitors print head nozzles and automatically compensates for any failures. In addition, the ‘sentry’ unit detects and diverts bad sheets, ensuring a smooth operational process without any production halts.
How does it differ from the previous  models?
The differentiation lies in bringing the inkjet advantages of high productivity to sheet-fed versatility.
Inkjet is productive and outputs with high-qualities, which Canon already has as a result of the continuous feed experience & productive sheet-fed printing as well as its offering of full end-to-end automation with PRISMA; capitalizing on this digital advantage.

What are the options?
The i300 optional ColorGrip feature enables printing on a wider range of media, thus expanding the application range. ColorGrip also enhances the image quality on papers not designed for inkjet, giving these papers a print quality rivalling inkjet treated stocks. Furthermore, ColorGrip also expands the media range to include coated offset stocks.
Now print jobs can include a variety of coated, uncoated and treated stocks and the printer will automatically adjust the print parameters for each media type on a sheet-by-sheet basis.
Thus, you can choose to apply ColorGrip or not from media type to media type or even from a page to another within a document; what supports this flexibility is the PRIMAsync media management.

How fast and productive it is?
Extremely fast and efficiently productive, the machine can produce a monthly volume up to 10 million A4 pages in as fast as 300 A4 pages per minute.
What is the USP?
Initiating high productivity levels and bringing the inkjet advantages to sheet-fed versatility and flexibility are the main USP’s of the product.
What support and offer for this region?
The i300 series has tremendous potential for the region, considering the superior quality and technology of the product. At present we are targeting and forming special offers to some important applications in Middle East i.e. Book printing on demand and Book printing short-runs.

What is the sales target and how many globally and locally installed?
There are more than 120 installed machines installed globally.

HP Indigo 7800
This is HP’s top SRA3 model, billed for throughput as well as print quality. It will print up to seven colours, but top speed is only hit if you confine it to CMY Enhanced Productivity Mode.

Kodak NexPress SX3900
Top of today’s dry toner NexPresses is the SX 3900, with a long-sheet capability up to 1,000mm (needing an add-on pile feeder). A fifth unit is included with the ability to print gamut extenders, spot gloss, raised imaging and special effects.

Xerox Brenva HD
Only the second sheetfed B3-plus inkjet press to be announced. It mixes iGen and Impika technology. Maximum sheet size is longer than the i300, it’s slower but a lot cheaper. It can handle uncoated offset and inkjet coated papers and expected applications are transactional print, books and manuals.