The press supports a wide range of paper input modules and inline finishing options.

What does it do?
Both the AccurioPress C6100 (100ppm) and 6085 (85ppm) are digital presses that meet and exceed the advanced requirements of print production at the highest of levels, as well as offering digital image quality on a par with offset printing. A wide range of Paper input modules and inline finishing options are also available to meet the demand of professional finishing. The standard sheet size is SRA3 450 x320mm but it has the capability to run a banner sheet of 1,300mm long.

When was it launched globally and here?
The machine was launched in August 2017 Globally and will be launched in the GCC region on 20th November 2017.

What market it is being targeted?
The Commercial Print Market, to complement the short run business that is not cost effective on litho presses and high volume central reprographic departments, as well as the print for pay market. The machine can handle up to 400 gsm media, which means it can meet the basic demand for small size packaging.

How does it work?
The AccurioPress is provided with a total of 23 screens comprising of 6 types of dot screen, 3 types of line screen and 3 types of FM screens all of which are available for specific application and use. For example, the dot screens are identical to those used for offset printing and utilize screen line counts used in newspaper or general commercial printing, making them suitable for producing the feel of offset printing and proof applications that emphasize a dot feel quality.  The Digital Toner HDE is a new development which gives a 3 – dimensional hybrid structure that contains functional polymer realizes high contouring performance for all types of media, enabling realization of ideal natural textures. In addition, fixation at lower temperatures contributes to major reductions in power consumption.

  • Colour support: Full
  • Writing Resolution: 3,600 (Equivalent) × 1,200 dpi
  • Gradation: 8-bit / 256 gradation
  • Warm-up Time: 480 seconds or less
  • Paper Size: Min. 100 mm × 139.7 mm, Max. 330.2 mm × 487.7 mm (with banner kit: max. 1,300 mm long)
  • Max. Printing Area: 321 mm x 480 mm (Banner paper: 321 mm x 1,295 mm)
  • Paper Weight: 52gsm to 400gsm
  • Weight: Approx. 440 kg

How does it differ from the previous models?
All of the new features below in the USP section make it different from the previous model the bizhub Press C1100 and C1085.

What are the options?
There are various options available both in the paper input and the finishing.
Paper input: - Feed Unit PF707/PF711 features a suction belt paper feed mechanism. The Air assist mechanism blows air from front as well as the sides to separate sheets and realise adsorption of the paper to the suction belt for conveyance.
Envelope: - Envelope fusing unit (EF-104) dedicated to envelope printing, ensures stable high-quality printing on general purpose envelopes with minimal folding creases of differences in adhesive strip gloss.
Banner Printing: - Large volume paper feeding of banners up to 762mm long, Banner output unit features banner ejection function capable of outputting banners up to 1,300m long.
Print Controllers: - A choice of Rips is available, the Konica Minolta IC604 which offers management of jobs including job ticketing and pagination on an intuitive user-friendly screen and includes colour centro, which is a management software that enables high precision 3D colour calibration superior to that of conventional 1D calibration. Editing can be performed and settings can be made for colour verification, G7 calibration, ICC profile creation, without using a PC.   or the Fiery IC315.

How fast and productive it is?
AccurioPress C 6100 is the most productive in its class, producing at rated speed up to 400gsm. In line real time registration and color density control makes it even more productive, as the job runs without interruption. It makes the production very efficient for professional printers and provides them with more space to accommodate more jobs.
The In line Finishing also enhances the production, enabling Short Run jobs to be finished in one pass in less time and with high quality printing.

What support and offer for this region?
In Dubai we offer first line technical support to all our partners, all our partners are trained either on site in their own country or in head office in Japan. We have distributors in all the main GCC countries, all are trained and fully accredited by Konica Minolta. The countries we cover are as follows, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran.

What is the sales target and how many globally and locally installed?
The machine is about to be launched here, but we already have pending orders waiting for delivery. The global target market share is 1,500 and locally we aim to take number market share in the Middle East region.

Ricoh Pro C9100S (110ppm)
The Ricoh Pro C9100 is a laser production printer capable of outputting 110 ppm at resolutions as high as 1200 x 4800 dpi, thanks to what Ricoh calls its Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology.  The device can handle a maximum monthly volume of 1 million impressions, and supports media weights of up to 400gsm from every drawer.

Xerox 1000i Press (100ppm)
The Xerox Color Press 1000i, a console laser production printer, replaces the Xerox Color Press 1000, delivering various new features aimed at improving image quality and productivity. Just like its predecessor, the 1000i includes an optional fifth toner station for clear toner, only now, the slot also supports gold and silver metallic toner.
“The machine is going to be launched on 20th November for GCC region.”