A high-quality uncoated paper for reel-fed inkjet presses. 
What is it?
International Paper’s JetStar is an inkjet-optimised smooth uncoated paper for reel-fed digital printing systems. The papermaker describes it as “enabling superior print quality over standard offset and preprint papers, whilst delivering outstanding colour performance”. The paper is designed to work with all of the leading pigmented ink inkjet printing systems.

  • JetStar Grammage 80, 90, 100, 120gsm
  • Whiteness (CIE) 161
  • Opacity 92% (80gsm), 94% (90gsm), 96% (100gsm), 97% (120gsm)
  • Thickness 109-153mic
  • Smoothness (Bendtsen) 230 (80gsm), all others 200
  • JetStar Royal Grammage 80, 90gsm
  • Whiteness (CIE) 166
  • Opacity 92% (80gsm), 94% (90gsm)
  • Thickness 92mic (80gsm), 100mic (90gsm)
  • Smoothness (Bekk) 100
When was it launched and what are the target markets?
JetStar was first launched in 2011, and International Paper has built up a substantial user base on the continent since then, but its presence in the UK has been relatively low-key until now. International Paper is giving the range a fresh impetus here in light of the growing number of high-speed inkjet installations, and the availability of its new Royal grade.
Target markets include transactional and transpromo printers, and the manufacturer says that JetStar is ideal for numerous other applications, including books, examination papers, manuals, forms, statements and catalogues. How is it made and to what standards?
JetStar is produced in France at International Paper’s fully integrated paper mill at Saillat, which has two paper machines and produces a range of specialty papers.
Saillat Mill has achieved the highest environmental credentials and is bristling with accreditations. It is PEFC and FSC certified, and also has ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 18001 (occupational health and safety assessment). The JetStar range has been approved by HP for use in its PageWide T-series high-speed inkjet presses, and similar accreditation from Canon Océ is expected to be signed off imminently.

Are other papers in the range?
There are two products in the range, JetStar and the new JetStar Royal grade. The Royal version has been engineered with a special surface finish that gives the paper a sheen, giving the perception of a silk coated sheet.
It also has greater smoothness and whiteness, delivering what International Paper bills as “unparalleled printing results” and is pitched at more demanding print jobs such as direct mail, marketing collateral and other high quality printed matter. International Paper says JetStar Royal has been designed to run on the most advanced high-speed inkjet presses, and “achieves quality close to offset and toner printing”.
What is its USP?
International Paper’s Western Europe technical services manager, James Straw, believes the special sauce comes from Saillat combined with the overall might of $21bn turnover International Paper. “JetStar is a proven sheet with the infrastructure of International Paper behind it,” he says. “It comes from a mill with world-class environmental credentials that’s just over the water in France, and all the wood used comes from within 100km around it. In terms of performance, JetStar and JetStar Royal do exactly what they should do and we are getting great results,” states Straw, who adds: “I’ve been in the trade for an awfully long time and it’s as good as anything out there.”
International Paper could also, if required, make a 300gsm variant of JetStar Royal. By way of an aside, the company is also the only manufacturer of HP branded cut-sheet paper worldwide.

Crown Van Gelder Crown LetsGo
Crown Van Gelder has seven product ranges in its Crown LetsGo high-speed inkjet papers portfolio, with the most recent addition the High Performance grade targeted at transactional and promotional print applications, and which is a competitor to JetStar. The firm’s Crown Letsgo High Performance Pigment paper has roughly the same roughness and bulk as JetStar, and also comes in a 70gsm weight due to demand from banks for that grammage for statements. At the top end of the range, CVG’s Crown Letsgo Bright Silk grade is a smooth bright paper that is used for high-end promotional and direct mail jobs, flyers, catalogues and educational books.

Mondi DNS/NeuJet
Mondi has a large number of papers targeted at high-speed inkjet users with some 90 combinations of grade and weight across its DNS, NeuJet, Bio Top 3 and Nautilus ranges. The firm says that its closest comparable paper to JetStar is DNS high-speed inkjet NF, while JetStar Royal sits somewhere between DNS high-speed inkjet CE and NeuJet Silk. Mondi sells directly to some UK printers, and also via Premier Paper.