A recycled grade with near-virgin whiteness.

What is it?
Cocoon is a range of extra-white, 50%-100% recycled, FSC-certified recycled papers, made from high-quality waste office paper sourced from the UK and France. Antalis claims this high level of whiteness has previously only been achieved with virgin fibre papers.

Grades available Cocoon Gloss 50 (50% recycled, 100-350gsm); Silk 50 (50%, 90-400gsm); Silk (100%, 115-350gsm); Preprint (100%, 80-160gsm); Preprint 50 (50%, 80-160gsm); Offset (100%, 200-350gsm); Offset 50 (50%, 200-350gsm); Jet (100%, 80-150gsm); Jet Pro (100%, pigmented, 80-120gsm); Jet Silk (100%, 90-130gsm).
Sizes Depend on grade, but cut sheets range from SRA3 to RA1 and continuous rolls can be supplied from 300 to 1,200mm.
Prices From $53/1,000 sheets (115gsm SRA3 Cocoon Silk 50%) See Antalis online order site for more details:

When was it launched and what are the target markets?
Cocoon was launched in 2009, when it was the first 100% recycled extra white paper available for graphic applications. In 2013, a range of 100% recycled, high-speed web inkjet papers was added, including a “ground-breaking” coated inkjet paper called Cocoon Jet Silk.
Today, Cocoon includes 10 ranges, six of which are made from 100% recycled paper. The finishes include gloss or semi-matt, an ultra-smooth surface or silk coating for specialist projects, or treated and pigmented (“for demanding print runs”). Cocoon Preprint is for laser personalisation of pre-printed work, and Cocoon Jet is for high-speed web fed inkjets such as the HP PageWide or Xerox/Impika models, in roll widths from 300-1,200mm.
Markets for the range are said to be all applications and printing technologies from litho and digital presses to office copiers and printers.

How is it made and to what standards?
Waste office paper is deinked to make pulp at the Arjowiggins Greenfield Mill near Paris. The pulp is then milled into Cocoon at the Arjowiggins Graphic paper mill in Besse-sur-Braye near Le Mans.
All the offset litho papers meet Fogra standards, says Antalis. Its sister company Arjowiggins is a participant in Fogra’s standards committees.
The company says “for digital papers we strive wherever possible to have them fully certified by the press manufacturer. We have strong partnerships with Ricoh for dry toner and are an Alliance One partner for HP Indigo and HP ColorPro partner for inkjet.”

Does it replace any other paper?
No, Cocoon was a completely new product line, made in a new way.

What’s the USP?
Mainly the whiteness of the papers, which are much closer in appearance and printability to papers made from virgin pulp than earlier recycled grades. Antalis’ explanation is: “To achieve such an exceptional finish, our sister company Arjowiggins Graphic adopted a cutting-edge environmental manufacturing process which rigorously selects the waste paper it re-uses, focusing exclusively on very high-quality papers such as office paper and papers with a low ink coverage.”

Are technical support materials available?
There’s a basic technical page for the range on the Antalis website. This includes recommendations such as the use of UCR when litho printing large solids, the use of blue underlay or double-hits for blacks, and second colour support for other colours. Other information is mainly to do with which grades are suitable for particular printing and finishing processes.
Antalis says: “As well as being FSC-certified, Cocoon scores five out of five on our Green Star System. This rating system, developed by Antalis, is based on universally recognised standards and makes it easier for our customers to make environmentally-sound paper choices.
“Our customers can also use the Environmental Calculator Benefit Statement. This enables printers to work out exactly for each individual job how they have reduced their impact on the environment by using papers from our recycled range as opposed to those made from non-recycled fibres.”

Cyclus Revive
Wove finish paper made with 100%-recycled fibres, with a “unique texture”.

Products sizes Range from SRA2 to B1, and weights from 70 to 350gsm;    Prices (Antalis) From $80.12/1,000 sheets wrapped 500, SRA2, 70gsm) to $762.72/1,000 (wrapped 100, B1, 350gsm)

Denmaur Revive
Revive comes with varying levels of recycled fibre and promises the “performance of a virgin fibre product”.

Product range Revive 100 Silk; Revive 75 Matt; Revive 50 Silk; Revive 100 Offset; Revive 100 Natural Offset; Revive 50 Offset; Revive 100 Media Silk; Revive 100 Media Gloss; Revive 100 Media Matt;    Price On application

A range of recycled paper and board manufactured using post consumer recycled fibre. The 100 grades carry the carries the FSC 100% recycled label. The 75 Silk is 75% post consumer recycled fibre and 25% virgin fibre of which 70% is FSC certified.

Products Evolution 100 Business Offset; Evolution 75 Silk; Evolution Business; Evolution Business Preprint; Evolution Digital Satin; Evolution Digital Uncoated; Evolution Everyday; Evolution Indigo Uncoated; Evolution Pure 100 Uncoated; Evolution Value;    Price On application