Product of the Month

Oce ColorWave 600

It used to be easy if you wanted a workhorse roll-to-roll wide-format printer - you chose an eco/light/mid*-solvent machine (*pick preferred marketing term according to vendor) and off you went. But due to the increased environmental awareness - both in the print shop and in the shop, office or exhibition where the graphics are going to be used - and concern over how the graphics can be recycled after use, there has been a push for alternatives to solvent inkjet. The Oce ColorWave 600, along with HP's Designjet L25500, the Kip Color 80 and some of the lower cost UV-cured hybrid machines, is filling a gap in the market where the need for low production costs, substrate flexibility and low-odour prints may preclude solvent from the

Presstek 75DI

Since it was founded, Presstek's strategy has been built on making it easier to operate a printing press. Reduced run lengths and makeready times have driven the company's innovations and, as a result, Mark Sullivan, group product director for digital printing, says its products are akin to a "giant laser printer".

With its direct imaging (DI) technology, Presstek has been firmly in the B3 market for some time but, this year, the company has signalled its intention to take a step up. Its latest

Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 102

Just when it looked as though Ipex was going to be bereft of any conventional offset press launches - historically the show's bread and butter - Heidelberg (and Komori to be fair, see p21 & p23) have come forward with some armour ready to shimmer in the Birmingham sun.

The German giant's latest offering, the Speedmaster CX 102, may be a hybrid of what it says is the world's best selling B1 platform, the CD 102, and the XL 105, but it's no cut 'n' shut job bolted together in a backstreet Wiesloch

Heidelberg Prinect Postpress Manager

With the launch of Postpress Manager, Heidelberg is slotting the last piece of the integration jigsaw into its Prinect product line of business and production workflow management tools. Workflow management is mainstream in pre-press and has been around for more than a decade. Heidelberg's Prepress Manager, which was previously called PrintReady, was its second pre-press workflow following the dissolution of its partnership in the area with Creo and Prinergy (now in the Kodak stable). Pressroom