Product of the Month

Muller Martini Sigma trimmer

What does it do?

With the Sigma three-knife trimmer, book printers can cut books of different formats and thicknesses in quick succession, without interruption. The final format for each book is read with a barcode scanner during infeed and all settings are made automatically, which eliminates makeready time.

How does it work?

It uses a turntable to take each book to the machine's three knives, accommodating five products in the trimmer at once, ensuring optimum speed. Each book is guided to the individual cutting stations by a clamp to cut the foot, then the front and finally the head. The distances between clamps and knives are individually controlled in all cutting positions, so books of different-sizes can be cut in succession.

How does

Steinemann Syrius Trade

When was the machine launched and what market is it aimed at?

Steinemann first unveiled the Syrius Trade at Drupa 2008. Designed for both water-based and thermal laminating, it was launched along with Syrius Thermal, a thermal-only variant of the machine. The range is designed to laminate everything from magazine covers, book covers, mail order catalogues and packaging, to ring binders, posters and shopping bags.

Last autumn, both machines received a significant overhaul. The Swiss manufacturer

Fujifilm Brillia HD PRO-T3

What is it?

The Fujifilm Brillia HD PRO-T3 thermal plate is a processless plate that does not require any form of pre-press processor or finishing unit, or any associated chemicals, chemical waste or energy usage.

Sean Lane, Fuji product manager for offset solutions, explains: "Its main selling point is the massive gain you get from removing the processor from the pre-press operation, which saves time and money and reduces the environmental impact."

By eliminating any form of pre-press

Screen PlateRite HD 8900

When was the machine launched?

The latest in Screen's PlateRite range of thermal platesetters was unveiled at the end of March, and they started shipping from Japan instantly. Screen managing director Brian Filler says a number of potential customers were forewarned about the release, so they wouldn't miss out. Currently available are the HD 8900 E and S models, which are capable of imaging up to 34 and 43 B1 plates per hour respectively. Plate testing is still ongoing for the high-speed 8900 Z