The Prinova, which was launched on the market by Muller Martini this fall, is the ideal solution for short runs, but as an all-rounder, it is also designed for medium-sized runs as well. This is because, thanks to its innovative individual feeder, the saddle stitcher, which is capable of 9,000 cycles per hour, can be changed over incredibly quickly.
Muller Martini has redesigned the entire feeding station. It now has individual feeders with servo drives. The machine is capable of holding up to 14 individual tiltable feeders that can be operated easily by a single employee thanks to their loading height. As a result, it can be used for several applications, such as manual feeding or determining the optimal height for signatures. The saddle stitcher can therefore be changed over much faster and used to produce (ultra) short runs substantially more efficiently. Thus, the Prinova offers a clear efficiency advantage compared to other saddle