Mimaki has unveiled its latest 3D printing technology, the 3DFF-222, which is intended to enable direct-to-object (DTO) print companies to bring jig (tool/device) production in-house.

“Designed to work in tandem with Mimaki’s own UJF family of LED UV printers, the 3DFF-222 is a co-branded development with South Korean manufacturer, Sindoh.   Able to print parts up to 210 x 200 x 195mm, it allows jigs to be produced quickly and in-house so printers can immediately accommodate specific DTO applications,” says Mimaki.

Hybrid chief operations officer Brett Newman said: “With the variety of internal shapes and recesses it can produce within jigs, the 3DFF-222 has an endless list of applications it can support including toothbrushes, yo-yos, pens and more.

“Personalization is a big drive for us and Mimaki. Specifically, that is emotional personalization in which customers are happy to pay more if you have added personal value for them to an item, which in turn is profitable. It also opens up avenues in corporate branding by putting logos onto merchandise.

“It also allows for shorter-run production by cutting out the expensive, time-consuming need to outsource jig production. For instance, a local plumber may want to give out promotional pens but only want 50 printed – this makes that cost-effective.”

He added: “Mimaki is committed to its marketplaces and will always work to develop software and complementary hardware that will simplify ease
of use.”