Konica Minolta, announced that its AccurioPress C6100 Digital Color Press received the Idealliance ISO/PAS 15339 certification. It is the first high-volume digital press to earn this certification using dry toner electrophotographic printing technology. The Idealliance ISO/PAS 15339 Certified Systems (CRPC1-CRPC6) was given on 13th November 2018.

ISO/PAS 15339 (International Standards Organization/Publicly Available Specifications) certification recognizes those digital press manufacturers that demonstrate their products are capable of consistently and accurately printing color spaces as per the CRPCs (Characterized Reference Printing Conditions) specifications of the Idealliance compliance program.

Print samples from the C6100 were first delivered to the Rochester Institute of Technology for testing against six CRPC specifications. A report on the outcome of these stringent tests is then forwarded to Idealliance for ISO/PAS 15339 certification under their program guidelines.

“The Konica Minolta AccurioPress C6100 was the World’s first electrophotographic press to achieve Idealliance ISO/PAS 15339 Certification. Konica Minolta’s unique polymerized toner Simitri, their front-end press technology, and their highly trained staff in color management and metrology, all played a role in this great achievement,” said Timothy Baechle, CEO at Idealliance. What is extraordinary is the Konica Minolta AccurioPress C6100 is a 4-colour EP press, and the color gamut this press can achieve, and especially the tolerances the press can hold over a print run, is simply remarkable. This certification is another great testament and benchmark for Konica Minolta. The craftsmanship they are doing not only with their technology, but how this type of performance and quality serves their customer base, is achieved with the support of certified color management experts.” added Baechle.

The AccurioPress 6100 Digital Color Press is capable of producing an astounding 5,455 color pages per hour. This press uses a fully automated, closed-loop quality management system to deliver superior color quality and consistency, as well as accurate front to back registration. It offers 1200 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch) resolution with 8-bit processing for smoother, more realistic color images that rival offset printing at a fraction of the cost.

“The certification from Idealliance further validates the value proposition the AccurioPress C6100 offers to mid-volume and large commercial printers,” noted Kevin Kern, senior vice president, business intelligence services and product planning. “It provides an extra measure of assurance that the print run will produce consistently flawless color execution to the highest of industry standards,” Kern added.

The recipe of AccurioPress technology, IQ-501 inline quality inspection system, Creo IC-314 DFE, and AccurioPro CloudEye color management solution insured precise alignment to ISO 15339 RPC 6 (GRACoL 2013). The combination of print engine, inline spectrophotometry, Digital Front End (DFE), and advanced International Color Consortium (ICC) profiling - synchronized and close-looped - proved successful with little user intervention. The entire process to achieve this level of precision took less than one hour; from full press linearization and calibration, press fingerprinting (ICC profiling), to final results validation.