Laminating films manufacturer KDX has launched a new thin-gauge gloss laminating film range.
Launched at Ipex in October, the BOPP gloss laminating film joins the Chinese-headquartered manufacturer’s range of thermal laminating films, wet films and lenticular products, with price dependent on volumes and specification.
Available in 18μm gloss and 20μm matt thicknesses, the product is ideal for folding, creasing and other finishing applications, and KDX Europe says it exhibits “excellent burst properties” and has low static characteristics to enhance production efficiency.
The film is also intended for trade finishers and it joins KDX’s two other expanded gloss and matt ranges, the other two of which are at higher thicknesses.
KDX Europe general manager Michel Diruy described the BOPP product as “ground-breaking” but said that the group recommends higher micron films for heavy ink coverage.
KDX Europe, which has a 20-staff outpost in Kerkrade, the Netherlands, from which products are distributed to the UK nightly, has a network of logistics and warehouse operations across Europe, and it is now considering opening its first UK warehouse.