Fujifilm announced that its Superia ZD processless plate made its debut at Ipex.
The plate develops on-press, requiring no chemistry, and is suitable for use with LED inks. It was demonstrated live on an eight-colour RMGT 928P LED-UV press at the show held at the Birmingham NEC.
According to the manufacturers, the ZD’s durability means it has an estimated run-length life of around 150,000 impressions on a conventional press and 50,000 impressions on an LED-UV press. Superia ZD provides superior performance when printing under UV ink conditions, and also allows for improved run length in non-UV ink environments. UV durability was one of the key driving factors in this development. ‘Until recently, UV technology needed developer plates but the Superia allows to take that part of the process out completely.  Processless technology means less money spent on developers, less money spent on disposal of used chemicals,’ Fujifilm said. “Initially launched in June last year, the Superia range has since seen ‘a number of installations’.”
Superiz ZD has made a debut at the Print 17 tradeshow in Chicago.