Screen has launched a new series of thermal platesetters for plate sizes up to and including 16-up.
The PlateRite Ultima 16000N series, which replaces the PlateRite Ultima 16000II range of CTP systems, is said to offer enhanced productivity, operability and energy efficiency.
The series, which is commercially available with immediate effect, features three models – the Z, S and E – all of which are equipped with GLVTM imaging heads. The manufacturer said these will create major improvements in the optical system by producing significantly more uniform light distribution.
Additionally, a high-precision auto-focus mechanism allows the output of Screen’s Spekta hybrid screening and Randot X 20 (20μm) FM screening.
The Z model features a 1,024-channel head that allows the production of up to 42 plates/hr. A single system is able to handle plates including from four to 16 A4 pages. The S and E models are fitted with 512 channel heads, with throughputs of up to 29 and 17 plates/hr respectively. All models support plate sizes of up to 1,470x1,180mm.
“The plate size on the 16000N series has come up slightly from the 16000II series, which was just a couple of centimetres off to support certain presses,” said Screen EMEA wide-format systems product manager Martijn van den Broek.
“We were able to extend the drum size a little bit and also make the laser travel a little bit further to accommodate more presses.”
Each model also supports Screen’s MA-L16000N II multi-cassette autoloader system, which allows a total of up to 450 plates to be supplied automatically. This boosts productivity by extending the length of continuous operation.
Furthermore, energy use during operation is now reduced by up to 55% due to features such as a power-saving mode that cuts consumption during idling. Energy use during standby is reduced by up to 83%.