Kodak has announced the addition of new capabilities of dynamic print planning to its Prinergy cloud services.
Dynamic Print Planning is analytics-enabled for harnessing data into ‘actionable, data-driven decisions’.
“The industry is moving toward smaller, more frequent print runs which create margin and delivery challenges for PSPs,” said Allan Brown, VP and GM of Kodak’s Unified Workflow Solutions. “The PRINERGY Cloud Services new Dynamic Print Planning capabilities provide PSPs the ability to quickly and accurately plan, respond to changes and produce a greater number of orders with the same resources. By eliminating potential human errors from the project planning process, this offering can reduce 40% of the labour costs per project, dramatically increase an operation’s agility and help keep businesses competitive.  With these new capabilities, Prinergy Cloud users can prioritize resources  when a wide array of diverse project orders comes in, saving time and money while reducing the risk of errors. PSPs can now take on a greater number of orders simultaneously and have them ready to print at a faster rate than ever before, enabling Prinergy Service users to scale their businesses effectively. Prinergy Cloud Service decision analytics offers PSPs the print industry’s first analytics-enabled workflow, with intuitive dashboards that provide visibility into production costs and system performance by continuously collecting data from operations.”