Ricoh’s new neon pink toner, which has been unveiled at Print 17 in Chicago, follows the success of its neon yellow that was released in 2016.
Developed for the fifth colour station on the Ricoh Pro C7100X cut sheet digital production presses, the new neon pink toner can be used as a solid, highlight or graphic colour and when combined with other process shades can create a neon colour palette.
Receiving its official launch at Chicago’s Print 17 show this week and due to be showcased at Label Expo in Brussels from 25 – 28 September, the neon pink toner will be commercially available online in November this year.
Existing Ricoh Pro C7100X users can retrofit the new toner, which is reflective under UV light, onto their presses and Ricoh said that its release supported “a dramatic market expansion of special effect enhancement capabilities for magazine, direct mail, retail and point of purchase”.
“We are starting to see a really good, solid uptake with our fifth colour opportunities, including white and clear. A number our customers are really benefiting from adding value to the digital page by adding these additonal colours and special effects,” said Ricoh commercial print sales director, Tim Carter. “Our customers are identifying a lot of opportunities as a result of having this additional capability, such as low grade security applications, adding value to ticketing and invites, poster applications and also some marketing collateral. We will continue to encourage our customers to identify more applications and opportunities where we can drive more demand for it,” he explained.
The toner will also be available for Heidelberg’s OEM’d Versafire CV.