Narrow-web label printer manufacturer Afinia Label UK has launched two new label finishing systems and announced that three more are on the way.  The DLF-220 and DLF-220L, which were launched last month, both unwind, knife cut, remove waste, slit and rewind labels. The DLF-220L has an additional lamination feature and is able to work with both unsupported and ‘linered’ laminates.
The firm said these machines can be used to create full-bleed labels using web widths from 110 to 225mm due to their plotter-cutting precision.
 The DLF-220 is suitable for use with laser or pigment inkjet printers where lamination may not be necessary for most applications, the company said. The DLF-220L is said to pair well with water-based label printers where lamination would be necessary to gain protection from moisture and UV.
 The two machines can finish labels at speeds of up to 5.5m/min and can accurately cut any shape up to 381mm in length on demand, without the added cost of dies. They also feature an optical sensor that eliminates potential registration errors caused by dust or debris from the cutting area. The firm said these devices take away the hassle associated with producing full bleed labels and enable label printers to take more control of their own label production by eliminating waiting times and stock holding of pre-cut labels and saving on costs.
 Also new, and set to be commercially available by the end of October, are the DLF-350 and DLF-CS digital label finishers as well as an as-yet-unnamed laser finishing machine. The DLF-350, which will cost $28,168, has all of the DLF-220L features.