Xerox has added a number of enhancements to its C60 and C70 printers following customer feedback. The printers can now take substrates weighing between 60 and 300gsm (256 autoduplex). Previously, they could only take autoduplex weights up to 220gsm and the lightest weight they could take was 64gsm.
They also now come with Paper Catalogue, an online library of substrate attributes, which allows customers to get fast access to frequent stocks.
Other improvements include the addition of the simple image quality adjustment (SIQA) software adjustment tool, which helps maintain registration and support for difficult jobs, and a new Xerox FreeFlow print server and EFI Fiery NX station.
The FreeFlow server expands the machines’ capabilities with new production colour management tools and the Fiery NX comes with a new workstation, which has a minimised footprint but a larger screen and wireless controls.
The enhanced models are available immediately and upgrades are also available to existing C60 and C70 owners. The machines, which have been available since Sept 2014, are listed at $22,887. There will be no increase in price but existing owners will have to pay for the upgraded print servers if they want them.