Thermal laminating machine supplier Komfi has introduced a book-edge printing machine that is specifically designed for digital UV printing on book edges using inkjet technology.

The imiJet BE70 is semi-automatic in operation and features an integrated PC that provides built-in help and self-diagnostics, as well as easy job preparation.

The printing process involves a one-person operation via a screen and involves the application of either UV inks or UV varnish to all three book edges.

While the feeding, turning and removal of the book is undertaken manually, the pumping of the ink into the printing unit, as well as the moving of the book under the printing heads and electronically controlled UV lamp, is carried out automatically. The machine uses four piezo-electric printing heads while two more printing heads (two colours) can be added. The ink amount is adjustable at four levels; 180 dpi, 360 dpi, 720 dpi and variable.

Multi-pass print is possible in one to four passes while the device, which can be modified to suit customers’ specific requirements, is also suitable for variable data printing.

The machine can print up to 300 book edges per hour at the minimum 360dpi resolution. It can handle a maximum book format of 420x420x70mm and a minimum of 100x100x5mm.