Ultimate TechnoGraphics and Müller Martini have joined forces to offer an  ‘efficient’ workflow that automates imposition for on-demand and personalized books and magazines.

Müller Martini is integrating Ultimate’s Impostrip VDP software capabilities as part of its Connex data and process management system to manage the entire manufacturing process, from job submission to finished books and magazines. This will result in a more efficient and cost-effective solution for book-of-one and personalized magazines, reported Printing News. com.  Impostrip Scalable PDF/VT imposition software is suitable for industrial inkjet printing because it enables dynamic imposition for variable-data printing.

Joanne David, president and CEO of Ultimate TechnoGraphics commented: “We’re quite excited with the result of our joint efforts with Müller Martini. Together we’re showing a new way to produce variable books empowered by PDF/VT imposition that’s built for speed and sustainability.”

Andreas Aplien, Müller Martini product manager for the Connex Workflow System added:  “The handling of PDF/VT within our workflow enables us to achieve a higher productivity level for SigmaLine, Müller’s digital finishing system. The fully-integrated system is now able to industrially produce pure ‘Book of one’ jobs. And, it’s allowed us to change the slogan ‘PDF In – Book Out’ to ‘PDF/VT In – Variable Books Out’. ”