Brett Martin has introduced a new strong adhesion film (SAF) to its range of flat polycarbonate sheets that it said is tough enough to endure frequent heavy fabrication.

The SAF was launched late last year and joins existing products such as Marlon FS and Marlon FSX Longlife, used for high-end engineering and heavy fabrication projects.

With its high-level adhesion and mechanical protective properties, the new film allows the sheets to take fabrication, reducing scratches and abrasions, according to the company.

It comes as an option for Marlon FS and Marlon FSX Longlife ranges and is available for thicknesses of 2-15mm, in a width of 2,050mm.

The film’s adhesion level is three times higher than standard ranges, which all-but eliminates the risk of it peeling off during fabrication, according to Brett Martin.

SAF is glue-free, enabling polycarbonate sheets to be used for warm bending and shallow thermoforming applications. Its clear finish means the product remains visible once the film has been applied.