Flint Group has  introduced VOC-free water-based inks for printing on film - Premo Film SXS/2 for the flexible packaging market in EMEA.

According to Thomas Strohe, commercial product director for the Flexible Packaging EMEA, commented, “Premo Film SXS/2 is a prime example of the continuous improvement    of our wide product range. Thanks to the close   cooperation with our customers and raw material suppliers, important aspects of            the product could be        optimised.”

He further added, “A particular challenge was to enhance the fastness properties of this water-based technology while keeping an excellent printability. Premo Film SXS/2 meets both demands perfectly.”

Designed for surface and reverse printing on polyolefin films, Premo Film SXS/2 is a self-cross-linking technology which allows for a range of end-use applications  including collation shrink, deep freeze and hygienic packaging as well as outdoor applications in combination with Polyethylene heavy-duty sack qualities.

Adds Strohe: “When using Premo Film SXS/2, the converter will benefit from a very high colour strength and superior mileage. This also facilitates the usage of finest anilox rollers to meet the requirements of future-oriented half tone printing in flexo. In addition, this technology supports improved OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) due to stable run ability at press speeds of up to 400m/min for colours.”