Epson will launch its new Large Format Printers (LFP) in signage and dye sublimation series at SGI 2016 in Dubai.

Speaking about the Epson participation, Walid Abdulmoti, marketing manager, Epson Europe B.V., said, “We are very excited about our participation at SGI. During the show, we will be launching our new of LFP’s in signage and dye sublimation series. The new printers can improve productivity, streamline workflow and reduce costs with the new series. Now available in the GCC markets, the newly launched models for signage comprise SC-S40610, SC-S60610 & SC-S80610; and for dye sublimation include SC-F6200 and SC-F7200.”

Speaking about the Epson’s view, Duncan Ferguson, business unit director, professional printing solutions from Epson, “Epson generally has an approach to care more about the products what we develop and that is why we always take more time to release a product than the others. In addition, whenever a product is launched we have our specialized team to offer the training and this team will meet or arrange visits to the clients to know their feedback that would allow us to produce the product in accordance to the users requirements. Overall, our commitment to this region is very high where we will be concentrating more signage and textile.”