Inca Digital has launched the new Inca Onset X series of wide-format flatbed UV inkjet printers. The Onset X series comprises three models: the X1, X2 and X3.

Each Onset X series printer is based on a new common scalable architecture platform that features a larger 25-zone vacuum table and UV control system, to eliminate masking, as well as a carriage that can incorporate up to 14 ink channels.

Inca said this enables printers to configure their Onset X for the combination of productivity, colour and quality that best matches their production requirements, and enables them to upgrade as and when they need to.

The Onset X1 can print up to 560sqm/hr and 112 full-bed sheets/hr, the Onset X2 is capable of printing up to 725sqm/hr and 145 beds/hr while the Onset X3 can print up to 900sqm/hr and 180 beds/hr.

The speeds and productivity of the printers are dependent on the choice of Fujifilm Dimatix printhead and can be configured for each customer depending on their desired quality and speed requirements.

Each model in the Onset X Series can handle substrates in sizes up to 3.2x1.6m and thicknesses up to 50mm and is compatible with different types of automated media handling systems to optimise productivity.

Onset X1 is suitable for companies producing a mix of fast-turnaround retail graphics requiring distance viewing as well as high-quality images for close-up viewing. The X1 features eight active channels: four are for CMYK and the remainder can be configured as required using a combination of light magenta, light cyan, white and orange (LMLCWO). An additional carriage can be added to scale up to an Onset X2 or X3. The Onset X2 has a second set of CMYK and an optional six LMLCWO channels while the Onset X3 features three CMYK ink channels plus the choice of white or orange, and 14pl or 27pl printheads.