Eastman Kodak Company reported a net loss of $21m  and a decline in overall sales in Q3, but remains positive after seeing significant growth in a number of key product lines.

Overall sales were down 21% to $446m in the period to 30th September. Kodak said the decline was in large part due to the adverse impact of currency exchange, as well as expected declines in revenues from legacy consumer inkjet printer cartridge sales.

Also noted was a one-time gain of $52m from patent licenses in Q3 2014. When adjusted for foreign exchange and these items, revenues decreased by 4% year-on-year.  The $21m net loss compared with net earnings of $19m in Q3 2014. Selling, general and administrative (SG&A) costs totalled $74m. Q3 operational EBITDA of $39m improved by $9m over the same period in 2014, excluding foreign exchange and non-recurring intellectual property revenues.

Turnover at Kodak’s Print Systems division was down 13% to $278m, while EBITDA was $28m, down from $31m in the same period a year ago. Kodak said volumes of its Sonora process-free plates increased by 41% and the number of customers grew by 19% to more than 2,700. In the Enterprise Inkjet Systems division, sales were down from $43m to $39m in Q3, compared to the same period last year. On a constant currency basis revenues were reportedly flat. EBITDA losses at the inkjet wing were $4m, compared with $12m in Q3 2014, for an improvement of $8m. On a constant currency basis, operational EBITDA improved by $9m.