A new colour measurement device could dramatically reduce the time taken to check output and create profiles.  The Rapid Spectro Cube is a joint development between German RIP and colour management specialist ColorGate and Spanish colour consultancy ColorInLab. It was shown as a prototype at  Fespa show in Cologne.

Instead of measuring colour patches on a square-by-square basis, it captures an entire colour chart “in seconds”.

“The big difference is it can measure batches. It takes the same time to measure one colour as it does 10,000 colours,” explained ColorInLab owner Juan Martorell.

The workflow sitting behind the measurement device creates a colour profile in around two minutes.

The Rapid Spectro Cube can currently measure a maximum size of 60 cm x 60 cm, but the developers are aiming to create a larger-format device. It can measure patches down to a size of just 1mm x 1mm. Details of how the device actually works were not divulged.

ColorGate technical support engineer Heiko Pieper said it could also measure tricky substrates: “At the moment it’s a problem to measure glossy materials, ceramics, and to measure through glass or acrylics. With our device this is possible.”

It can measure uneven surfaces such as textiles, and can potentially handle 3D objects such as glass bottles.

Pieper said there had been a lot of interest from the industrial and graphic arts markets at Fespa, and the companies had also received valuable feedback.

“Lots of manufacturers and printers came to see it,” Martorell added.