Finishing equipment manufacturer Morgana has introduced the BM500, a new addition to its booklet making range, which is capable of producing booklets of up to 200 pages.

The device is an off-line adaptation of an in-line machine sold via Xerox and Ricoh to produce booklets with the mid-production digital print engines supplied by those companies.

The BM500 can be supplied as a standalone hand-fed unit, or linked with either the recently launched AF602 or other Morgana feeders. Also available is the BM350, which is built on a similar platform and can produce booklets of up to 140 pages. Morgana Systems sales and marketing director Ray Hillhouse said: “We have seen significant demand for the in-line version of this machine through our partnerships with the print engine manufacturers.

“There is a definite need for higher page count booklets and booklets created using much thicker paper stocks. This pushes the capabilities of our current set of bookletmakers, which are primarily focused at producing up to 30 sheets of 80gsm.  A common application is for people that want to do 25 sheets of 150gsm stock. It gives us an opportunity to tackle a slightly different type of booklet work. The Squarefold option is a great addition to the system when producing thicker booklets – it gives a really great, perfect-bound look to the book and offers the facility to display print added to the spine”

The BM500 will be the first Morgana bookletmaker to incorporate the new full-colour touchscreen interface, which gives clear visible instructions to the operator on all machine functions. The device can also be supplied with a lead-edge trimmer and with the Morgana Squarefold option for flat-edged books. A complete BM500 system with the Squarefold option and lead-edge trimmer will be priced at around $61,552 and is available to order immediately, though with a six- to eight-week lead time due to high back orders. The BM350 model will be priced slightly lower.