EFI has unveiled the latest version of its Digital Storefront web-to-print software, which includes a new Enterprise Model to enable printers to better support clients such as franchise owners.

The Enterprise Model allows printers to subdivide a client’s single Digital Storefront licence into different interfaces to serve multiple franchises or subsidiaries within the client’s organisation.

Other new features in version 8 of EFI’s web-to-print software include a marketplace where printers can incorporate content partners such as copy writers, photographers and graphic designers in a single online ordering interface, as well as support for online purchasing of e-books and other electronic content.

EFI has also added single sign-on (SSO) authentification to streamline web-to-print order processing for multiple users within the same organisation, while adding a more accurate shipping estimate facility using UPS Connect rate look-up tools.

EFI product management director for web-to-print and value-added products David Minnick said: “Print providers can become very efficient in their work with corporations, creatives and agencies, moving creative concepts through to successful execution using a platform that manages the many important details.”

Digital Storefront is available as a cloud-based service or self-hosted system and integrates with all EFI’s MIS and ERP products.