Soyang Europe has announced two new wide-format substrates, including its first rigid board as well as a latex, solvent and UV printable magnetic wallcovering system.

The company, which recently launched its own range of textiles for wide- and grand-format printing, will launch rigid print and design board Sealwise and printable magnetic wallcovering So-Netic soon.

Sealwise is manufactured in Germany from 100% recyclable uPVC. It is available in 2,440x1,220mm and 3,050x1,500mm sheet sizes and 3mm, 6mm and 10mm thicknesses and is printable on UV flatbed printers.

Soyang Europe managing director Mark Mashiter said: “We’ve been waiting some time for the right rigid substrate to bring to market and Sealwise has so many benefits.”

Mashiter highlighted the substrate’s closed cell core, which means it absorbs no moisture, making it ideal for outdoor installations. “The core is made from 100% recycled uPVC - the same material that replacement doors and windows are manufactured from, so it’s got impeccable environmental credentials - especially as it’s completely recyclable when it comes to the end of its life,” he added.

The PVC component in the face material is also said to aid ink adhesion and scratch resistance, while the substrate can be formed into shapes after printing (when using a sufficiently flexible UV ink).

The self-adhesive backed magnetic lining is available in 600mm and 1,200mm wide by 20m length rolls, while the printable magnetic film is available in 1,070, 1,370mm and 1,520mm by 30m rolls.