HP has announced new High Definition Nozzle Architecture (HDNA) technology for its Inkjet Web Presses.

The HDNA printhead doubles the native print resolution of current HP inkjet printheads to 1,200dpi, delivered by 2,400 nozzles per inch, up from the 1200 nozzles per inch on HP’s current technology.

HP said the new heads would increase speeds in Performance Mode up to 244m/min or up to 122m/min in the new Quality Mode, with a native resolution of 1,200dpi.

It also claimed that the new dual drop weight technology would allow for sharper text, fine lines, accurate skin tones, smoother grade transitions, improved grain and enhanced highlight and shadow detail.

HP worldwide director of marketing and business development IHPS division David Murphy said: “We believe that HDNA technology will really bring a new level of image quality and performance to our customers. “This technology will be upgradable on current customer installations. It will be available in beta in 2015 and commercially available in 2016.”

Speaking about the timing of the announcement, HP said it wanted to allow customers sufficient time to plan their “investment strategies” although pricing for the technology has not yet been disclosed.  HP vice-president and general manager, inkjet high-speed production solutions Aurelio Maruggi said: “HDNA technology enables our HP Inkjet Web Press customers to address a broader range of applications from general commercial printing to production mail to publishing by resetting the bar for inkjet quality and performance.

“HP is committed to continuous investments in inkjet technology across a broad portfolio of products, driving unparalleled economies of scale, and providing upgradable solutions so that existing and future customers can take advantage of advancements.”

The retrofittable HDNA technology will be incorporated into all HP Inkjet Web Press platforms from 2016, including the HP T200, T300 and T400 ranges as well as presses sold through resellers.