Ibis Integrated Bindery Systems has launched a “stretched” version of its Smart-binder in-line digital saddle stitcher designed for high-speed production of low pagination A5 booklets and for tabloid-sized products.

Whereas previous Smart-binders were capable of 2up A5 landscape production, they were limited to 1up A5 portrait, which created a bottleneck when trying to run in-line with modern high-speed digital presses.

Ibis has increased the maximum spine length with the SB-X from 320mm to 457mm enabling 2up A5 portrait production and doubling the output speed for this specific format from 5,000 to 10,000 books per hour.

John Cracknell, MD of Ibis, said: “We have always been able to do 2up A5 landscape at 10,000 books per hour, but if you wanted to produce A5 portrait booklets at very high web speed in low paginations then the limit is the cycling speed of the stitcher/trimmer. “In 1up production that means the limit was 5,000 booklets per hour, but by stretching the machine to get 2up we can produce two booklets every cycle and so the output is doubled to 10,000 per hour.

Because Ibis had also had enquiries about finishing variable tabloid newspaper-sized products in-line, it took the decision to increase the maximum book width as well from 230mm to 280mm, making the SB-X suitable for both applications.

The SB-X costs from around $188,7912 excluding any options (such as sheet pile feeder, extra buckle folder, book stacker, cover feeder, etc).