Lexmark Middle East and Africa, highlighted the need for Middle Eastern organizations to optimize the potential in the vast amount of unstructured information that exists in the form of paper at a press release in Dubai.

Talking about the release Mathias Militzer, general manager said, “the importance of Managed Print Services (MPS) an offering that continues to evolve in the marketplace and Lexmark remains a leader at the forefront of this change. For many years our approach has been ‘Print Less, Save More’ as we have strived to unlock hidden savings in the enterprise for our customers. Today, successful providers are not just offering simplistic programs; instead they are delving into the true managed service based business models which include content and document management. This is why Lexmark has evolved its offering to combine hardware, software, solutions and services to be in a position to deliver ‘end to end’ business process automation.  This proposition is at the heart of the next generation of MPS.”

“As a result we can leverage our process and content management solutions to assist our MPS customers to also streamline their business processes. This can boost savings and productivity up to 30 per cent or more on average. Some of these benefits include removing manual or wasteful processes with automated solutions while being able to manage and interact with unstructured digital information at the point of need, such as PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint files and Video, Audio files too,” added Militzer.