Domino has launched a new continuous ink jet (CIJ) printer – the A520i which it claims can withstand the harsh production environment of the beverage and dairy sectors whilst delivering ‘flexible, consistent and quality coding at high output speeds’.

The A520i is the first CIJ printer to incorporate the plenum airflow cooling system, which ensures the printer stays cool whatever the production environment. Each printer comes ‘wrapped’ in an IP55 marine grade robust stainless steel cabinet protecting an IP66 sealed electronics enclosure.

James Shippen, Product Marketing Manager for CIJ at Domino, comments: “The two new key qualities that set this printer aside from the competition are its flexible design and consistent performance. The robust, heavy duty stainless steel cabinet, print head covers and sealed electronics units provide total protection during regular wash downs. The presence of plenum airflow cooling system ensures optimum functionality no matter how challenging the surroundings, whether they are hot, cold, wet or dry. In addition, the ability to integrate the user interface anywhere along the production line is a further advantage that will prove beneficial in more complex work environments.”

A further addition to Domino’s CIJ printer range is the XS print head, an option for high speed applications.  The new XS print head is able to match pace and printers can print codes onto approximately 1400 bottles, cans or cartons a minute.