Distributor of popular brands like Sharp, Intec, Muratec, and Brother, the Altech Group of companies, Altech International FZE  had organized a training sessions for the Intec digital machines like CS4000, CS5000 among others.

Explaining the Intec digital machines using Fiery XF, Philip Johny, general manager of Altech International  said, “This Fiery allows us to create innumerable profiles which allows us to deploy them in accordance to the user prerequisite. Also, this machine highly focused on high speed RIP and colour management workflow. In contrast to standard office printers, the Intec ColorSplash CS4000 and CS5000 digital imaging systems are aimed towards print professionals seeking an affordable entry level production device with outstanding print quality, complete media flexibility and the lowest imaging cost possible.” 

In addition, James Williamson, technical services manager from Intec said, “The Intec CS5000 has the addition of a 5th colour station which can be loaded with either white or clear toner.  Also, the printing methodology differs for both the white and clear toner, where in one it will first print the white colour and then it will start printing the CMYK colours in duplex. Whereas, in the other it will print the CMYK first and then it will print the highlighted part which is naturally said to be the clear part (predefined).”

Apart from Intec machinery, Al Dana participated with their own finishing machines as well. 

Intec’s ColorSplash range uses the latest cutting edge LED imaging technology, delivering an optical resolution of 1,200 dpi, at 4 bits per pixel which, when coupled with Intec optimised screening (OS4800) delivers up to 16 levels of grey per pixel achieving equivalent to 4800dpi. Both the CS4000 and CS5000 are available with the Intec printer cabinet or high capacity feeder unit.