MTEX Digital Textile Solutions announced the global launch of its new digital textile products including a range of pre- and post- fabric treatment machines that will enable the user to print onto textiles in whatever market they choose, be it signage, interiors or fashion.
Eloi Ferreira, CEO of MTEX said: “With MTEX’s new coating and washer dryer machines, customers can now invest in a complete direct-to-textile digital printing solution, with preparation, print, fixation and drying in one easy workflow at production level volumes.”
The new products include  he MTEX Pad coating machine is designed to pre-treat and coat materials with productions speeds of between 30 and 140 linear metres per hour, and the infrared drying system means it can deliver fully dried fabrics. It can be used in-line with the MTEX 500 and MTEX TURBO 1.8m wide printers, effectively allowing users to coat their own medias prior to printing.
Another product is the new MTEX 5032 PRO is a second-generation version of MTEX 5032 3.2m wide textile printer which uses compressed air and supports bigger and heavier rolls, allowing greater productivity. The third product is the  MTEX W&D washer and dryer unit developed specifically to emulate traditional methods of finishing fabrics.
It has four washing tanks and an ‘Eco Friend’ water treatment and re-use system, as well as a dual drying system via vacuum and cylinders which can reach drying temperatures of up to 200 degrees.