Xerox has announced the launch of a new mid-range production printer, the Versant 2100 Press, which will sit between the entry-level J75 and the Color 800/1000 and iGen presses at the other end of the scale.  The Versant 2100 replaces the last DocuColor press still in new production, the DocuColor 8080, which will now be discontinued, thereby retiring the highly successful DocuColor platform.

Xerox Graphic Communications Business Group worldwide product marketing manager for High Entry Production Color, Chris Irick stressed that the new Versant platform was a “brand new, ground-up design”.

“This is not a dust-off of Color Press technology. It is a brand new platform with an exciting set of features,” he said.

This includes a new compact belt fuser capable of printing 100 A4 ppm on stocks from 52-300gsm and 80ppm on stocks from 301-350gsm, the ability to handle the same array of media as the Color Press (including linen, poly and vinyl), a new Auto Sheet Clearing system and improved 4/1 printing.  “If you’re printing CMYK on one side and black on the other, in competitor presses the press can slow down to 15%-20% of rated speed,” said Irick. “With the Versant 2100 you will be able to print up to 90% of rated speed; this is important for our customers.”

The average monthly print volume for the press is 75,000 to 250,000 while the duty cycle is 660,000 impresssions.