Lebanon and Dubai-based Raidy Printing Group has adopted a new technology called Augmented Reality.
 Says its creative director MarieJoe Raidy, “I wouldn’t call it our application as much as a technology that we adopted, same as any new technology that we consider can add value to the experience of our customers and their target audience. This specific new technology allows companies and brands to make their printed jobs clickable, by adding videos to their printed pages, or an e-mail contact tab, or a call to action phone button, to name a few.
“The application can be used, adapted and customized to any printed product, from a business card to a high end art book, magazine, brochure or catalogue.”
On the question of how this application would benefit print shops, Raidy candidly says, “It won’t benefit the printers per se, but will add to their experience an extra layer of quality, innovation and eco-friendliness. We took this step for the mere reason that we are known to be quality leaders and yet adopt the latest techniques available in the world today. It was a simple and logical step.”
Printers according to the creative director should focus on their specialities.  She emphasizes, “I personally think that printers should focus on what they do best. If their selling point is lower quality at cheaper prices, then they should focus on that, and they will attract the right clientele for these specs.
“If a printer is focused on having the latest technologies, being eco-friendly, and quality oriented then they don’t have any other choice but to be maintain the path they have chosen to take. It is true that the goal is related to numbers for survival and growth, but if one can create innovative products in parallel, it is a guaranteed success and satisfaction on all levels.   
“At Raidy, we believe that being socially active, quality oriented, eco-friendly and innovative will help us build  clientele and pride that we like to associate ourselves with people who are quality conscious, look for an exceptional service and experience while enjoying this professional experience in the process. The challenge is to always be on top of things, and we strive to always provide the world with the very best available.”